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Shutdown Mania!

8 more shutdowns currently being eyed by caring Republicans



Eight more shutdowns currently being eyed by caring Republicans:

8. Dog daycare: “Get a job, Daisy.”

7. Public transportation: “You know who else liked buses and trains? Hitler!”

6. S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Wait, it’s not real? Shut down Starfleet, then.”

5. Mental-health facilities: “It’ll cut into Fox News’ viewership, but we’ll take the risk.”

4. Home brewing: “Support ‘Merica and go buy some Budweiser, hippies.”

3. Homeland Security: “That show’s not going to get cancelled; don’t worry about it.”

2. Kickstarter: “Do we even have to explain this one?”

1. Education: “Sen. Mike Lee barely graduated high school, and look where he is now.”

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