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SkiLink Impacts More Than Skiers



In his article about the proposed SkiLink, author Jason Stevenson appears to consider only two opposing groups: alpine skiers and backcountry skiers [“Broken Link,” Jan. 10, City Weekly]. Labeling Ted Wilson as “Mr. Outdoors” is also shortsighted.

Outdoor recreation includes a broad range of activities conducted in more than just the few winter months when skiing is the primary activity. These canyons are used as a natural area and escape from the city by a broad range of Salt Lake County residents. The ability to experience conveniently accessible nature will be limited by the SkiLink project and the transfer of public land that will effectively cut the public land into separate pieces. Hiking, picnicking, bird and nature watching and bow hunting—for which the area is reserved—will be negatively impacted by the project.

Wilson is a climber and skier who doesn’t seem to understand this. How presumptuous to try to gain support for the price of pizza and free beer!