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Skipping School With Chris Buttars


How would you feel about encouraging high-performing high school students to enter college during their senior year? Since many of our readers felt the high school pain and bangs like students in the movie Breakfast Club—sans the life-affirming moments in detention, where the popular and outcast kids get high together and bond—my guess is many would support getting sprung from high school early [see “Utah vs. the 12th Grade,”  Feb.17].

“Least fave part [of high school]? Going to school with too many idiots,” wrote Ashly Mae Moses on City Weekly’s Facebook page.

But to many, the proposal by Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, to eliminate senior year felt more like ditching crucial life skills than advancing to a higher intellectual plane.

“To think the solution is less education is moronic,” wrote Adrian Knotts on City Weekly’s Facebook page. “Talk about your downward spirals, jeezus. But I guess if what they want is greater separation of classes, that would get the job done because none of the private schools would be adopting that bullshit idea.”

Rant Control risks a major scolding from readers for saying so, but I sympathize with Buttars’ effort, to a degree. Especially for high-performing students, a lot of time is wasted in high school, and time is money. Eliminating senior year for all students is too blunt, but finding programs that rush more mature students to higher levels of education earlier would improve life for those students and save state money, too.

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