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SLC Tattoo Convention: a facinating experience.

Brianna from The Word recounts her first time at this yearly event.



The 2011 Salt Lake International Tattoo Convention was nothing short of fascinating. With over 90 booths, several styles of tattooing and fantastic people watching, the convention was a pleasant place to be February 18 – 20th.

Here are a few good times from the convention: Next to the City Weekly booth was the My Tattoo booth from Southern California. My Tattoo was a popular place to be throughout the convention for their intricate tattoos and style of tattooing. Tattoo artist and owner of My Tattoo, Jess Yen, employed an old style of tattooing called Tebori (photo, left). This method consists of manually poking the skin with a long, steel needle. Needless to say, this method drew crowds to come and watch while someone brave enough endured the end of the needle.

While walking through the convention, I enjoyed seeing art from all over the world. From psychedelic band posters (photo, right) to beautifully decorated skulls and skeletons, there was plenty to see.

As I sat at the City Weekly booth, I rather enjoyed partaking in the fantastic people watching. Within my watching, I spotted a little bit of everyone, from a gentle little hipster snapping pictures with his Holga camera, to a Southern X-Posure girl barely wearing pink. Across from the CW booth was the Atomic Tattoo booth from Florida, a particular spot I spent much of my time gazing at for the handsome men covered in piercings, plaid and tattoo.

Check my photos and all of the Nice Tats submissions from the Salt Lake International Tattoo Convention here in City Weekly's photo galleries.

By Brianna McGruder

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