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Sloan vs. D-Will


Go ahead, pick sides: Sloan or Williams?

Rachel Scott: Sloan because I’m old school and so is he.

Scott Renshaw: I’m not sure it’s as simple as that, but if Williams was the architect of this change, and he thinks the team will be better for it, he’s as deluded as he is talented.

Erik Daenitz: J-Slo all the way. For representing a time when basketball players didn’t complain about their “hurt” wrists.

Derek Carlisle: If a coach can’t back down owners and players, then it’s time to get out and he knew that. Either get a fresh tough ass who’ll keep them all too busy to gripe, or a puppet figurehead like the rest of the NBA.

John Paul Brophy: Perhaps it was Sloan’s and Johnson’s early Christmas present to Tyrone Corbin. Having a black NBA head coach in Utah always seemed like a huge longshot.

Rachel Piper: Count me with Karl Malone. I choose Jerry Sloan, every time, in every situation.

Becca Andrus: Sloan and Johnson for sure. Such talented coaches.

Cody Winget: It’s hard to pick sides not knowing what really happened, but I’d have to take Sloan’s side. He’s been here for almost 30 years total, and he deserved better than what went down. I’ll miss Coach Sloan more than I’ll miss Deron Williams when he high-tails it outta here in a little over a year.

Jerre Wroble: Jerry Sloan would have dreaded a long, ceremonial, sentimental farewell. He wanted, and got, a clean getaway, thanks to Mr. Williams.

Susan Kruithof: I grew up on college basketball. My team: The Hoosiers, Our coach: Bobby Knight. To this day, no names on the backs of our jerseys. There is no I in team. Evidently no D-Will either.