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Small Works

Through Jan. 11



At Kayo Gallery’s new show Small Works, 25 artists are represented—and other than the common denominator indicated by the show’s title, they have little else in common. Yet, the show is expansive in taking small forms to extremes and coupling minuscule physicality with big ideas. They are microcosmic, yes; myopic, no.

David Habben creates miniature drawings and sculptures that are diminutive in scale yet symbolic and emotive beyond any given limitation. Viewers may identify myriad themes permeating these little worlds: The drawn tyrannical figure evokes fierce ideas of dominance and control, while the tiny human sculpture (pictured above) seems to implode in self-debilitation. The intensity of these miniature creations is resonant enough to address larger ideas such as corruption and fatality. Cein Watson pulls from his hat of creativity a pair of amorphous beings, enticing and baffling, that incite the imagination while prodding the viscera. Unlike the majority of his work, these manifestations are rendered in smaller proportions but with no less visual and cerebral impact.

Davina Pallone’s five wooden panels are perhaps the smallest pieces in the room, but may be the boldest. These tiny wooden canvases demonstrate that good color, interesting shapes and a sense of humor know no boundaries. The show proves that stretching physical limitations can lead to innovative possibilities without infringing on the voice and integrity of the artist.

This holiday season, Kayo reinforces the truth that it doesn’t require a large package to make a great impression.

Small Works @ Kayo Gallery, 177 E. 300 South, 801-532-0080, through Jan. 11.

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