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So Much So Fast

Wednesday, Dec. 16



What would you do if you had been diagnosed with a disease for which there was no cure, and which seemed to carry a death sentence in just a few years? And what would you do if the person described above was a member of your family?

Salt Lake Film Center presents a free screening of the 2006 documentary So Much So Fast, the latest presentation in the ongoing “Loud and Clear” series on disability issues. The film follows five years in the life of Stephen Heywood after he is diagnosed with ALS—better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease—along with his brother Jamie, who devotes himself to building a research foundation for the disease. It’s a thoroughly compelling family love story about both the benefits and the costs of irrational hope.

After the film, join a conversation moderated by Christian Dimaano, research scientist for Myriad Pharmaceuticals.

So Much So Fast @ Utah Museum of Fine Arts, 410 Campus Center Drive, 801- 746-7000, Wednesday, Dec. 16, 7 p.m.

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