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So You Wanna Fight

Friday Oct. 15 @ The Salt Palace



It’s not So You Think You Can Dance, but with three-minute rounds, this Mixed Martial Arts event guarantees plenty of frenetic movement in the ring. Encompassing boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, Asian martial arts disciplines and other styles, MMA has become the fastest-growing trend in martial arts in recent years because it provides a fascinating picture of how the different fighting styles stack up against one another. It’s not “no holds barred” chaos, but a highly disciplined sport in which strictures are in place to prevent injury.

Local competitors in addition to some from around the country will compete in elimination rounds in six weight classes for a gold medal and $1,000 prize. Contests can be decided by a referee’s decision, knockout or “submission” pinning the opponent to the floor, wrestling-style. Regardless of how the matches are decided, the amount of action will likely keep you pinned to the edge of your seat.

So You Wanna Fight @ Salt Palace Convention Center, 100 S. West Temple, 801-534-4777, Oct. 15, 7:30 p.m., $35-$40.