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Soap Box: April 20-26

Salt Lake City ups its food game!



Cover story, April 20, Dining Guide 2017
I'll take a mouthful.
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"Hot for Tots"
Tator tot art! Love it!
Danielle Mahfood Scott
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I read this while I was eating lunch today. Good job! Made me even hungrier!
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"Alluring Appetites"
I wanna go! Looks like most are downtown. My favorite place to explore!
Barbara Talbot
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What's your favorite spot to grab a quick bite or drink?
Tosh's Ramen.
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The Notch Pub in Samak, just east of Kamas in Mirror Lake Hwy. has the BEST burger hands down in this entire state.
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OMG, I'm going to have to try!
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News, April 20,"Keep on Truckin'"
I love a good roach coach. But the tacos on 800 South and Main are the best.
James Dubin Jr.
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News, April 20, "'A Tailor of Skis'"
What a great write-up!
Sung Ohm
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So great. Nice work, Todd!
Tyler Deyo Israel
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Straight Dope, April 20, "If everything else is more expensive in Europe, why do we pay more for health care?"
Because you don't have any right to someone else's services for free.
Scott Simmons
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Music, April 20, "Don't Fear the Reaper"
Tarot is actually a type of trick taking game created because a clever Italian back in the 15th century wanted to have a trump suit in card games. There is no evidence that the Tarot was intended for card readings or for any other purpose than for playing games, which are still popular today mostly in European countries. It would be good if our popular media would educate folks about how to play games with the Tarot instead of always reporting on card readings and other applications for which evidence tells us the deck was not originally designed. Google "French Tarot," "Jeu de Tarot," "Tarock," "Knigrufen," or "Slovenian Tarok" for examples. Given how popular tabletop games, including trick taking games, have become in recent years, it is a disservice to the public when the media focus only on card readings when doing Tarot-related stories.
Jim Wickson

Blog, April 26, "Monumental Order"
Sad that Herbert was there.
Sharon Wendt
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So horribly embarrassed by our governor. Over and over again.
Mike Schmauch
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@GovHerbert needs to take a cue from future jailbird @jasoninthehouse and step down. Hasn't even asked Utah residents what we want!
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Well if Utah's elected leaders have a "Jekyll and Hyde" relationship with the Antiquities Act (one of the weirdest metaphors I've ever heard, btw) then we know who the monster is. Huh, Governor Gary "Mr. Hyde" Herbert?
Jenny Cornwall
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