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Soap Box: June 22-28

Letters and comments on David Locke, state prison sentencing, Utah drivers and more.



Cover story, June 22, "Locked on Locke"
Great article!
Brandon Kelly

Very deserving. Dude does fantastic work.
Dreu Damian Hudson
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Great article. Thanks to @Lockedonsports for your tireless dedication to the best franchise in the NBA. @LockedonNetwork is truly remarkable.
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Thanks for your hard work. Even if you are on vacation during the draft.
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Definitely dedicated fans to David Locke! Our family always mutes Jazz TV commentary in favor of his live, action-packed play-by-play on The Zone 97.5 FM. Keep it up. You inspire!
Megan Hanrahan

That was a great article. Thank you for all you do to keep us engaged with the Jazz.
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That's when you know you're big time. #congrats
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Nice profile of earned success.
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Lucky to have you, Locke. Fun to hear about all the work you put in to get where you are today. Cool to hear about you and your dad. Go Jazz!
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You the man, David. Thanks for always bringing it.
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That was a fantastic read. I'm truly grateful for all of your hard work. Us Jazz fans are spoiled to have you. Thank you for your passion.
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With all of the information available, it's a great time to be a sports fan. I always enjoy your insight.
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Great article. Hope you enjoyed your trip. We'll be glad to have you back in town.
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News, June 22, "A Question of Time"
This article makes it sound like if you end up in prison, the Board of Pardons may just let you rot there for life, which is total bullshit. Even in the rare cases where actual life sentences are handed down, it's to hardened murderers and serial sex offenders that have no chance of rehabilitation; not white-collar criminals like this guy. The board may need guideline reviews, but these people have to deal with criminals who, most of the time, act like they're the victims when they get out of prison.

This guy screwed a lot of people out of a lot of money. Where did all that go? Even if he doesn't have money in the bank, he can't just tell his victims to go hang. He's still responsible for giving them back what he took from them. And if he can't liquidate some assets or something, then maybe a few more years wouldn't be a bad thing. He fucked over a lot of people; he's the asshole—not the Board of Pardons and Parole.
Brian Moyes
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I did 11 years over my matrix, and I'd be lying if I said there weren't 100 other dudes in there that got it from the board much worse than I did. They do whatever the hell they want to, and the only thing they're consistent at is being completely inconsistent.
CR Hartley
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Five Spot, June 22, "New Warden in Town"
Warden [Larry] Benzon was my major in the Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy. He is an amazing man, with tons of life and on the job experience. He is the best man for this job!
Ben Stephenson

First day on the job ... He'll be asking to hang them high in a year. ;)
C Roy Pitcher
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Nice job, Larry.
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It's absolutely pathetic to claim there is a form of rehabilitation inside those walls! Sounds like @POTUS wrote that crap.
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Citizen Revolt, June 22, "Eat & Greet"
I am so revolting! Are you?
Brian Coburn
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Blog, June 23, "Jill Stein on clean air, Bernie Sanders and the importance of third-party candidates"
I really wanted the Green Party to get 5 percent of the vote in 2016. Since Utah isn't a swing state, it's "safe to bring your values into the voting booth" here. And there are plenty of other states where progressives could have helped the Greens without hurting the Dems. Yet Jill Stein scored just 1 percent, compared to 2.7 percent for Ralph Nader in 2000.

Despite the miserable showing, the Dems still want to blame Green Party voters for Trump. The blame lies with Dem superdelegates, who could have nominated a winning candidate—Bernie Sanders.
Richard Warnick

Blog, June 27, "News study finds SLC drivers to be among worst in nation"
I'm a truck driver that's driven through 49 states, and now I'm a local driver in Utah. I agree that Utah is the worst. I think about 70 percent of drivers don't pay attention to anything or care about anyone else besides themselves. It's like people's narcissism has transferred over into their driving styles.
Kerry Clark
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I'm a truck driver, too, but I'll have to rank Phoenix the worst and SLC second. Both cities have similar issues with bad drivers.
Tony Zavala
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Welcome to Utah, where the only person that matters is ... yourself!
Samantha Walrath
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Well, duh! Utah drivers as a whole are terrible. Biggest hurry to get nowhere.
Kathy Shafer
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Leave a bigger following distance. And stop hopping in others' barely safe following distance just to get one car ahead. I mean, have some situational awareness. Look ahead and see your passing and cutting-in is futile and [are] unsafe dick moves.
Ryan Hansen Hammerfist
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Couldn't agree more! It's like they're all in a race to meet their maker or that it's OK to drive like a jackhole because Jesus will save them. Moved to SLC a year ago and freeway-driving still makes me nervous.
April Hogue
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No kidding. Been saying this for years!
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If all these dumbassess would get off their freakin' phones. Just kills me, [I'll] be driving down I-15, see a driver driving with their knee, texting with both hands, doing 80. I can't wait to move from here.
Tina Matejek
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My biggest pet peeve is sitting at a light behind someone staring at their phone and having to tap the horn to get them to go. Drives me nutty.
Jessica Madsen
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I've only been here for two weeks, and it only took me one day to figure this out. Green lights are only a suggestion. What? You're supposed to go?
Laurel Giard
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The top two things SLC drivers do every single day: 1. Going really slow in the fast lane; 2. Nobody knows you can turn right on red.
Seth Baron
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Finally, it's official!
Alejandro Suarez
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In keeping with the rest of this state's "worst of" accolades.
Laura Jane
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Take the Lead
Abraham led his community away from the menace of child sacrifice. Moses led his people out of slavery. Joshua led his people away from landlessness.

Elijah led his people away from entanglement with a foreign government. Amos led his people away from indifference to the plight of the poor. Daniel led his people out of the furnace of religious persecution.

Jesus led his people out of the dungeon of hopelessness. Muhammad led his people away from the violence of female infanticide.

What have you done for your community lately?
Robert Kimball Shinkoskey,
Woods Cross