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Soap Box: May 11-17

Readers’ thoughts on spice, liquor laws, air quality and more.



News, May 11, "Hidden Menace"
Your very informative article called it "spice" or "bath salts" like it is all the same stuff. Grass clippings sprayed with oven cleaner and ant spray? That doesn't sound like spice; it sounds like grass grass clippings sprayed with oven cleaner and ant spray! Hey, at least you won't have to worry about crabs and your teeth will be white and bright at your viewing.

I used to smoke a lot of pot back in the day (I quit 30 years ago) and we'd giggle a lot and say, "Oh, wow, far out," eat a bunch of nacho Doritos and boink our brains out.

I met this pretty lady a couple of months ago and she offered me some spice. I was curious, and took two tokes and didn't feel a thing. Three hours later, I wanted to rip someone's liver out and eat it with fava beans and a nice chianti.

Spice? No, thank you. I'll stick to huffing hairspray and sucking car exhaust.
Alan E. Wright,
Salt Lake City

Opinion, May 11, "Mall Writer"
Can I bring booze and drugs?
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Hits & Misses, May 11, "Development debacle, conflicts of interest and fixing the system"
Unfortunately, the price for Sugar House's popularity leading to its current affluence is that it will destroy all the qualities that made it popular in the first place.
Chris Keth
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Drink, May 11, "Why We Can't Have Nice Things"
They have [a similar self-service bar] in Park City at High West.
James Dee
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They do not treat Park City the same as the rest of the state. [It's] nearly impossible to get a liquor license in the rural areas. When they had the membership rules in the past, the state set up stings and monitored it heavily yet you could go to Park City and not be bothered with membership or being sponsored.
Sara Pittman
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I'm ready to move.
Chris Graham
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Just drink it directly from the box, like a civilized human being.
Michael O'Hair
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Blog, May 16, "Clearing the Air: Guv hosts final ceremonial bill signing of the year"
Wow. Lip service much? Anyone with half a brain that isn't up their own ass knows he doesn't give two shits about pollution.
Daniel Rusch
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Those buses will go on being stinky and polluting somewhere in Central America where most people can't afford to fuck up the air with their own private vehicle.
Sean Peckham
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Give me a break! Herbert politicking again instead of doing something meaningful for Utah's pollution problem. Happy photo-op, Gary!
Jim Lauscher
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I thought porn was a bigger health issue than air quality?
Ronnie Schluter
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And approve coal mining on Bears Ears, oil refinery exclusions and fine all wood burning stoves ...
Michael James Stone
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Still a schmuck!
Doug Rider
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Can we replace him with a more efficient model?
Megan Bury Saine
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Blog, May 18, "Chaffetz out in July"
Good riddance.
Tom Hill
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Just do it.
Carol Hansen
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Call Hatch's office, 801-625-5672. Encourage him to follow.
Kelly Phelps
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Reading is what? Fundamental
I've only lived here since last September, having spent the last 27 years teaching Latin, ancient Greek and French in Louisiana, and I just discovered a small bookstore, The King's English. From the wicker chair in an alcove, I perused two shelves labeled mythology—a mix of Homer, Beowulf and some ancient histories. I might have dwelled less on the historians, but the epic poets, their shelf neighbors, made me think of narrative curiosities writers like Herodotus pursued. Nearby were three shelves of philosophy and six of poetry.

These warm and unrushed spaces create an intimacy with printed texts, a quality lost in the presentations of online booksellers. In the venal enlargements we find on street corners, the pleasure of touching collections of books with their varied colors and dimensions is estranged by aisles structured to catch the cursory eye and hasten purchase, floors connected by escalators and speciously marketed accoutrements: bags, journals, magazine racks, beguiling strollers, seekers of banausic counsel and restive wanderers searching for vicarious diversions in travel and adventure.

Distractions like these foster the browser rather than the reader who wishes to linger with the wildly patient voices in books to be embraced by the senses. The time for the sanctuaries offered by small bookstores is dwindling but not yet over. Their presence in the city should be cherished.
Stephen Clark,

Hatch watch
Is it just me, or does Orrin Hatch ever respond substantively to emails? While every other government official I write to responds at least with a message that addresses the issue, this is all I ever get from Hatch:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding your views. Being informed of your opinions helps me to better represent you as I debate critical policy issues with my colleagues in the United States Senate.

As you might expect, I receive a large volume of correspondence each day, and, if appropriate, I will respond to your specific concerns as quickly as possible.

... Thank you, again, for taking the time to share your views with me.
Orrin G. Hatch
United States Senator.

Is he dead, in a coma, or simply bored with his constituents? Time to step aside, Senator.
Gene Ammarell,
Salt Lake City


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