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Soap Box: May 4-10

Firefighting, shadow men, hurling and more.


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Blog, May 10, "Strike! 'Classic' bowling pin again adorns State St. skyline"
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Oh, yes! I thought they just took it down.
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Sad the bowling alley is gone and more housing going up. All the fun places I used to go to as a kid are gone and our children don't get to have the same experiences as us.
Tiffany O'Neal
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Will they have to put up a sign? This is an APARTMENT NOT A BOWLING ALLEY.
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Opinion, May 4, "Shadow Men: What's the protocol for unwanted dick pics?"
Send them to the offenders, Mom, bishop, boss, sex crimes unit—pick one.
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Sometimes a woman just wants a beer and not to be bothered. This article hits close to home.
Meghan Hartman
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The Ocho, May 4, "Eight ways to tell if you're in a Utah bar, not a restaurant"
Everybody knows bars are wretched hives of scum and villainy. Bartenders are required to inform patrons that "we don't serve their kind here," and more specifically, "your kids. They'll have to wait outside; we don't want 'em in here."
Bryan Askmi Leitr
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Everybody is missing the point. Christians have a right to know what they are getting into. Nobody is saying you can't drink a beer.
Michael Valentine
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Please don't change Utah. We are weird for a reason.
Earth Storm Jacobs
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Straight Dope, May 4, "Veto Protocol"
There was no doubt in my mind Reagan was suffering from early stages of dementia. I lived through it with my father. Reagan showed obvious signs of it before the second election. I told people to vote for Reagan's aides if they thought the aides could handle the job, but the Reagan that won the first election no longer existed.
Edward Cheadle

A&E, May 4, "Their Big Moment"
Eden Buxton is an amazing curator and I'm sure she worked tirelessly to make sure this event will be a hit. Looking forward to attending to see her artists, as well as the work of the other artists!
Jake McMahon

Cinema, May 4, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Some of [author MaryAnn Johanson's] points are valid, but I feel like her review is a misrepresentation of what this movie is. It's a comic action movie, a summer blockbuster. If you want Academy-worthy movies, you're looking for them in the wrong place.
     Yes, the story is different from the comics, as most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films are. Making a direct translation from the comic to the screen sometimes just doesn't work. There is so much material and stories in the comics that fitting all of it in a two-hour film just won't make any sense; that's why a lot of the plot and themes are explained by the characters throughout the adventure. You can't just expect that the core comic-book fans that will always go see these movies are the only people that watch them. The studio has to break down the complex background and stories from the comics to make sense in the screen so people who have never heard of the Guardians can understand it. As a filmmaker and huge comic-book fan, I liked this film. It definitely doesn't compare to the first one, but, it achieves what it supposed to do, which is to entertain us and continue the overall story within all of the MCU's films.
Nano Fabian Lara
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Desperately Seeking Hurling
Having just relocated (two weeks ago) from Virginia, I'm acclimating to all things Utah. The stellar views and the many pews. The extra light beer and driving without fear. One of the passions that I have left back East is the sport of hurling. No, it is not what college kids do after consuming too many drinks, and no, curling is that other sport from Canada that is played on ice with broomsticks.
     Having just completed the downtown Irish bar circuit and several Guinnesses later, I have come to find out that their is no hurling in SLC? What? This is the fastest game played on grass; sorry, lacrosse and soccer. Hurling is a 3,000-year-old Gallic sport and the national pastime in Ireland. It is a combination of hockey, lacrosse, rugby and second-degree homicide. After 3,000 years, they just introduced helmets into the game, although I highly recommend adding a cup to protect all the parts. Add in a stick and ball and you are ready to hurl.
     Although professional hurling players are primarily men, ladies also play a form of hurling called camogie. Most pub leagues and the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) sanction mixed play and leagues so it is inclusive for all. All you need is an open field and goals, along with a stick (hurley), a ball (sliotar) and a passion to learn a new and fun sport that is played globally.
     So here I sit in Sandy, staring at my hurley and sliotar, wondering when I can puck-in and start to hurl again.
Scotty Furash,