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Soap Box Nov. 16 and beyond

Readers give us a piece of their mind, honey.



Opinion on Opinion
First, I apologize this part is late; I wanted to salute John Saltas' "Eternal Memory" piece [Private Eye, Oct. 19]. When my time comes, if anyone feels half about me as John did about his great friend Vasilios Priskos, I would be surprised. What a beautiful and loving honor, memorial and tribute. Mr. Priskos clearly met the standard of a well examined life.

As to "Vetting Veterans Day" [Opinion, Nov. 9] by John Rasmuson, this was one of the best salutes to veterans I've ever read. Clear, concise and direct, it put patriotism, service and country into perspective. It highlighted the faux patriotism of many in this country and supports my belief (echoed by James Fallows) that these United States only like the armed forces when we need them. Otherwise, there are more important things to do with money. America, from the days preceding the revolution, has never liked a standing army and never will (regardless of what Republicans say). It's in our DNA.

If you join for benefits, to see the world, or to learn a skill or trade, you are joining for the wrong reasons. I, my brothers and most of the veterans I served with did it to serve, love of country and to be part of something bigger than self. When I criticize my veteran friends for asking for every benefit, deduction and discount they can get, I offer them to read up on Cincinnatus and the example, based on him, that General/President Washington set. I doubt any of them ever did.
John H. Thompson,

Five Spot, Nov. 9, Mindy Vincent
City Weekly, you are on point lately! Another amazing woman who is in charge of the needle exchange program here in Utah. If you don't know what it is, check out—great work being done by great people!
Laurie Robinson
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Blog post, Nov. 15, "LGBTQ Youth Summit Announced"
Give it a rest. This city can't provide equality to non-gays, yet goes overboard pretending to be the Rosa Parks of a bus ride to nowhere.
Aaron Jones
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I bet you're fun at parties.
Brittney Hemingway
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Reality is always a hoot, honey. Enjoy the suspended reality in smaller bites.
Aaron Jones
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Have you ever thought that perhaps it's your delivery and not your message that causes conflict with those around you? Most women don't respond well to being called "honey" and most men aren't smart enough to warrant talking down to a woman like that. And if they are smart enough, they know better.
Brittney Hemingway
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Cover story, Nov. 16, "Finding Her Voice"
Thank you for this tribute on time for my 50th birthday. Through the years, I have seen [author Dylan Woolf Harris] cover a wide range of topics, and you indeed tried my tolerance and expanded my vision. I love all of you at City Weekly for bringing the obscure into focus!
Victoria Sethunya
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I've got many more stories of refugees in SLC when you're ready to keep sharing their journeys.
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Thank you for not having such a stupid cover article like last week.
Dave Caldwell
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Film review, Nov. 23, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Mo.
Best of the year so far. I can only hope there are few good ones left to see. Anyhow, brilliant writing, directing and acting.
Tracy Callahan
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The Ocho, Nov. 23, "8 Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your Family on Thanksgiving"
Good one, Bill. You've still got it!
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No. 9: Orrin Hatch is running for senate again.
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Free Will Astrology
I don't believe in astrology, mainly because we Virgos are inherently skeptical.
Jade JD LeBlanc
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