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Soap Box Nov. 23 and beyond

Readers protest and react to presidential order on public lands.



Cover story, Nov. 23, "Give!"
Love fighting the good fight, my friends.
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News, Nov. 23, "Blank Canvas: Downtown street is once again bustling, but key component is missing"
So, nets are designed to capture stuff, right? What happens when there's a dead bird or garbage trapped in the net? It seems like an ongoing maintenance issue to me. Especially for a permanent installation.
Billy Pilgrim

Define "bustling."
Michael Hilton Mendenhall
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Blog post, Dec. 2, "Big Fight Ahead: Thousands gather ahead of Monday's expected Bears Ears announcement"
[It's] sad you need a big fight with government to get the right outcome for citizens.
Dave Caldwell
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Too bad it won't matter. The Republicans in this state aren't capable of listening to reason. Hopefully we can change the makeup of the legislature to bring some semblance of balance to our state.
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How many of those even know where it is or will ever see it? This was a demonstration against Trump, of course.
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Blog post, Dec. 4, "Trump in Utah: 'A Very Historic Action'"
So now that y'all have seen such bountiful beauty, get the fuck outta the way cause here come the drillin' rigs!
Pax Rasmussen
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Someone obviously wrote that [speech] for him. If it was vintage Trumpf he would have said that we marvel at him.
Dennis Marcus
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Natural wonders are only natural wonders until drilling and mining equipment invade and scar the land.
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Hey, why all the crying? In four or seven years you can push for a new proclamation or executive order. Land's been there for millions of years; surely we Utah citizens can't fuck it up in seven.
Jim Fish Svendsen
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Look, Obama never should have done what he did with Bears Ears anyway. And the state should do more to protect the land. Simple: Give power to the states.
Andrew Faletto
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You are a total fool if you think the goal was to protect anything. Greed. That was the goal.
G. Billingsley
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So the carny-in-chief stopped by and you know what they say, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit!"
Craig Perry
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Insanity run amok.
Melodie Thomas Jacobsen
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In other news Trump gets sued ... again.
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Blog post, Dec. 4, "Anti-Trump Protests: President's visit, national monument reduction spurs Utahns to make a statement"
Jade JD LeBlanc
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No one cares anymore—especially our president. Smh.
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Trump supporters think "the people" are mostly rednecks who claim a birthright to pillage nature.
George T.

More than 3 million of us made a better choice ...
Natasha DeSmet
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Fight back!
Michael James
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Remembering Santa Ed
Regarding the article you ran last year on Dec. 8 about Santa Ed, I am sorry to impart the sad news that he died suddenly and unexpectedly two weeks after it was published. He was an amazing man and very much loved. You can visit his Facebook page which is Santa Ed if you would like to read his obituary.
Thank you,
Deb Scott
Salt Lake City

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