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Soap Box Nov. 9 and beyond

Our readers offer their Trumptastic feedback!



Cover story, Nov. 9, "You're Fired!"
Look at the cover of this newspaper. I dig it! Way to be, SLC! You have my
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Good job City Weekly! You make me proud to be a Utahn.
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Read this the other day at Even Stevens. Excellent article. There's a real chance.
Jeff Zivkovic
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No, he shouldn't be impeached. He needs to be catapulted into space and burn in the sun. His hair products will ensure he really burns up.
Shawn Lowry
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If Trump's egregious behavior were an impeachable offense ... yes. If Trump's lifelong pattern of unethical, immoral and shady dealings were impeachable offenses ... yes. If Trump's pathological lying were an impeachable offense ... yes. If Trump's hiring of people with conflicts of interest and inexperience for their roles were impeachable offense ... yes. If Trump's repeated demonstration of low IQ were an impeachable offense ... yes. If Trump were to be evaluated by a panel of psychologists and found to violate the 25th Amendment ... yes, If Trump is proven to have knowingly participated in treasonous dealings with foreign governments? To be determined.
Jared Bowden
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Good thing those are all ifs and not facts.
Sean Devos
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No, he hasn't done anything wrong. This cover is in horrible taste and shows its true colors. Left-wing, not unbiased.
Paula Gorman
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Message aside, this is a beautiful piece of emotion invoking artwork. It's just fun to look at. Might I add, thankfully we live in a country in which artwork like this doesn't get you arrested and declared an enemy of the state.
Bobby Hall
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Way to voice what we've all been thinking! Mad respect for you guys.
Via Instagram

Right, because the democrats are so honest, lol. How about doing a story about how to fix this corrupt system bought by the rich to make themselves richer and screw the common man?
Dave Caldwell
Via Facebook

Like the opposite of the current tax plan?
Peter Muscarello
Via Facebook

Alright, even bright red Utah is beginning to get it! Hope springs eternal.
Carol McLean
Via Facebook

Yet another anti-Trump article devoid of any significant or intelligent criticism. Got anything real? Obviously not.
Via Twitter

I have an idea: Let's keep complaining about Trump and not consider how he got there. Trump could be gone in three years. How about talking about the real problem of the corruption of our political system and how it is bought by the highest bidder? Government for the people? Lol. For the corporate profit is more like it.
Dave Caldwell
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You sure you're not describing Hillary Clinton's behavior over the last 40 years? When do see that article? Nice job, kids.
Paul Karner
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Your comments look similar to ours
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Trump is an asshole. He needs to be put in a giant sealable diaper and shot into space.
Shawn Lowry
Via Facebook

Your cover story was correct in acknowledging that this effort is extremely difficult even as in the case of Nixon who history definitively proved was a crook. Mutiny has never ended well for mutineers so go ahead protest go to jail if you want, nothing will be gained 30 years from now, except that maybe you won't get the job that you need at that time because of your criminal record. America today is a Land of Confusion (reference Genesis hit from 1986) and why? [Because] Democrats won't accept our constitutional democracy. People who speak of tolerance rarely are and hate creates more hate. In closing, let me reference Michael Jackson: Look at the man in the mirror and asking him to change his ways.
Derek Jones,
Salt Lake City

Look, I don't like the guy, but Kelly Kenoyer's article about how he can and should be impeached is quite weak, and somewhat dishonest. You state a number of reasons why he's a clown, some baseline arguments for why he's not a good president, but if you're truly an investigative reporter then learn what impeachment is, what grounds need to be observed, how—if at all—that could apply to our current president, then write your article. If you know about impeachment and simply aren't representing it justly, then that's a totally different story.

As it stands now, the article is but another "Look here!" and does absolutely nothing except confirm the Trump-hating vitriol in those who already have it. You're educating no one, and linking to a website demanding the same of what you're suggesting (albeit highlighting some iffy holdings and whatnot) merely showcases that you've got biases up front, which is not very investigative at all, now is it? ...

Not for a minute, does anyone believe that Trump's issues are because of Trump Tower and the connections—people simply hate him because he's a jerk, a loudmouth and he may not be making the best decisions. He's not presidential either. Fair enough. But don't paint the picture of his impeachable grounds (which are not solid on their own at this point) as though that's what you're really upset about. People who want to impeach Trump simply don't like him, as your article clearly articulates, and that in itself is not worthy of impeachment. More often than not, when I talk to someone about why they hate Trump, they can't give me a reason beyond how much of a jerk he is. Cite some policy, maybe? Refer to facts and not hearsay, unverified or unsubstantiated claims, or worse please don't propagate information that's already been proven false. These concepts allude a great deal of those who dislike the POTUS. Why? Because Twitter. Because orange skin. Because, because, because.

Remember, each President so far has had plenty of baggage—hell, we had a full on deviant in the office in the 90s and he's a hero to many. It's just not politically expedient to mention those presidents unless they are either of the opposite party of your publication's majority or it unless it fits a popular narrative; that's what one can deduce from reading City Weekly. Have more integrity than that, and stop pushing the same rubbish as everyone else. Selling papers* (ad space, my apologies) can be done in more ethical ways.

Please keep writing, keep the paper rolling, but fix some shit and be more fair. Your Libertarian (not Rep/Dem) reader.
Matt Brown
Via CW comments
*Editor's note: City Weekly is a free publication.

News, Nov. 9, "Electric Slide"
Clean energy capital with the worst air quality in the United States? Sure.
Matt Handy
Via Facebook

Talk to us once you have fixed the problems with the police department and the homeless issue.
Michael A. Stahler
Via Facebook

Not to mention Mayor Excuski's patently false veteran support or civil rights narrative.
Aaron Jones
Via Facebook

Blog post, Nov. 15, "Twilight's Twilight?"
Gallivan Center had way better line-ups than Pioneer [Park] has ever had. Sure, there's a few good shows here and there but, it used to be phenomenal year in/year-out at Gallivan. Plus, it seemed like more of an adult-themed crowd who actually pay taxes and are able to purchase the things necessary to bring in revenue. I'm all for it leaving bum park and the slummy area of Pioneer. Sign me up!
Brennen Lynn Davis

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