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Soap Box: Nov. 17-23



Cover Story, Nov. 17, "Best of Utah"
Can we have a new category for Best/Entertaining use of social media, @CityWeekly? I get the feeling most people on the DABC don't drink.
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We are queering up this town! Thanks to @CityWeekly for honoring the work of @EqualityUtah in #BestofUtah2016.
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I made it into @CityWeekly's Best of Utah edition as the "Best Trail-Blazing Candidate" #UTPol
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Thank you Misty for being brave, strong and authentic. It's just the beginning.
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Just wanted to give big props to my boy @benwinslow for 1 of 2 wins in @slcweekly's #BestofUtah and proud to be voted 2nd.
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Thanks for the #BestofUtah love for me and my @fox13 colleagues, @CityWeekly! I will always let you pet my beard ;)
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Congratulations to @KatieMcKellar1, picked as "Best New Reporter on the Block." Completely deserved!
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I Best of Utah! Am I the only one who saves it for reference to use all year till the new one comes out?
Laura Renshaw
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We are thrilled to have opened the latest issue of City Weekly to find that we won "Best Record Shop" for the FIRST TIME EVER! Thanks to all who voted.
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Thanks for awarding Naloxone a Best of Utah 2016 award for our efforts to reduce overdose deaths across Utah! We're honored.
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Good stuff.
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@GovHerbert congrats on your @CityWeekly award! Worst Utahn is quite the accomplishment!
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I guess you CAN win them all
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I thought I had a shot this year ...
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I have followed your outstanding "rag" since inception. When I moved back from SoCal in 1991, I especially missed the LA Weekly, then low and behold, there you were, different name than now, but I've been a loyal reader since and almost never miss one. I have saved pertinent articles and even issues over the years and I still go back to check if they're still relevant or interesting. Thanks for all you do to keep the voice of reason and true journalism alive and it's important especially now more than ever in my 65 years alert. Help us stay strong and informed. Thanks again for all you do.
Karen Kerr
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Private Eye, Nov. 17 "Whoa Is Me"
Absolutely beautiful article. No game over here!
Terri Ledding
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John, I appreciate you talking about your first voting experience and the shock you felt when your candidate didn't win. Your response to the election is also the best I have read thus far. When I see Trump, I see my abusive father and he has just been made president so it is taking me more time to adjust to a new reality. But as I am trying to concentrate on doing good and on the facts of his position, it is getting easier little by little. We can hope for the best ... but prepare for the worst.
Sue Story
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The Ocho, Nov. 17, "8 just-dropped protest songs for a new America"
Time to stop bitching and give him a chance!
Rodger Polychronis
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And yet Hillary's minions now want all residents in rural areas to only get 3/5 of a vote. So who are the real fascists?
Matt Morris
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Go Trump.
Steve Tiede

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A Tribe Called Quest, "We The People."
Jared Steere
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Deal with it!
George Bogdan Iova
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Dine, Nov. 17"Thanks for Not Cooking"
Sounds like a real dick thing to do for people who would rather be at home with their family cooking with them rather than for a bunch of lazy gluttonous Americans.
Richard Humberg
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How about I cook and let restaurant folks spend the day with their families, too?
Pax Rasmussen
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I think I'll cook at home.
Jo Rasmussen
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True TV, Nov. 17, "Got STDs?"
Scrotal Recall has to be the worst name ever for a series.
William Boyd
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