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Soap Box: Sept. 14-20

CW readers sound off on hot springs, Trump deals and caffeine.



News, Sept. 14, "Taking the Plunge"
Thank you, City Weekly and Dylan Woolf Harris, for covering the nooks and crannies of Salt Lake. We love you! If you haven't already, please visit the Warm Springs Alliance website and sign the petition. We've just topped 1,300 signatures and every one matters.
Sylvia Nibley

I missed this on my Highway 89 photo adventures. Kudos to City Weekly for telling this story.
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How is funding so hard to find to restore this building? With talk of only millions and not tens of millions, the cost is tiny compared to what stuff comes up on the regular. I mean, a couple cents out of the liquor tax pool would pay for it in a couple years.
Michael W. Goode

I'm a huge fan of the Children's Museum of my childhood! I was under the impression that the building was deemed no longer safe/usable because it sat on a fault and the foundation had deteriorated. I hope the building can be salvaged.
Rebecca Baker
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This building has sat empty for a decade and the city organizes a massive campaign to harass homeless people? Am I alone in seeing the obvious?
Steve Haley
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I would be game to get it up and running again. Let's get a team together and make something happen. Grant writing, etc. I would love to help anyone else interested.
Tracy Callahan
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It should be restored to its original beauty and purpose.
Robin A. Page
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Re-establish soaking pools! I have daydreamed of resurrecting this building for years.
Kimm Lofthouse
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Back in the '70s, my company made a proposal to turn the facility into a water-based recreation center for the city. The city received, at my request, a $300,000 grant to conduct a feasibility study. We quickly found that it would be impossible to restore the pool area to any kind of water-based activity, scrapped the proposal and released the rest of the funds back to the city, which they used to develop the Children's Museum. The sulphur in the spring water used previously has fatally damaged the structural integrity of the concrete. More of it will slowly fall down. Need to get over the "historic" nature of the building and simply remove all of it. Sorry about that for the Train Club, but the building cannot be counted on to remain stable for any use whatsoever.
T. Lee Burnham

Opinion, Sept. 14, "Worst Deal-Maker Ever"
Disagree. Trump is the best deal-maker.
Kevin Savage
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Nah. Whoever gave North Korea and Iran the opportunity to have nukes is far worse.
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Blog, Sept. 21, "BYU + Coke: It's the Real Meme"
In about 50 years, they'll have a big announcement about a revelation to allow beards and maybe even gays on campus.
Lucky Tuck
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Oh my stars. Is it the End of Days?
Trina Timothy Nache
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Ya mean openly, instead of with their 64-ounce diabetes drinks from Maverick?
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It's a gateway drink.
Nick Purintun
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But still no coffee. I would never have got through finals.
Carole Gibbs
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Temple attendance will now be adversely affected.
Thane Heiser
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God said it's OK now!
Dave Caldwell
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The way we were
Has anyone done a comparison of "the way it was"—housewives staying at home cooking, baking, house cleaning, looking after their own children—versus "the way it is now"?

I am older, but have had many different experiences. Only now, at my later age, can I see the huge differences and all the problems caused by women working in the workforce versus staying at home. Relationships seem to be falling apart, stress is noticeable on both the women and the men, continuing to affect family life and the children. Divorce versus "working things out" a solution?

Just curious what the statistics are.

Thank you for your interesting paper and topics.
Mrs. Marlene Lundquist,

A tribute to beer
I see that the saints on Capitol Hill are batting around the idea of removing the sales tax on food.

I propose they also remove the sales tax on beer.

Beer was one of the original forms of food preservation. The pyramids were built with limestone and beer. Beer is loaded with "B" vitamins and gets you loaded with vitamin "A."

Beer is good food—legalize it!
Alan Wright,
Salt Lake City

Political mess
American politics today is like a blue-collar thief and a white-collar thief taking potshots at each other. Unfortunately, Americans are light-headed enough to take sides in this debate.

Democrats and Republicans are both in the wrong. Both sides are stealing history from the people. Both are stealing the American Dream from the people. Both are stealing the Constitution from the people.

History shows a way out of the mess, so the pot shooters work hard to keep the past out of the picture. The American Dream has been shattered, so both work hard to force Americans to forget their dreams. The Constitution made American goodness, technology and military strength happen, and made everyone a winner. In order to have winners and losers today, the Constitution must be buried deep in the dead-letter file.

The agencies that report on or support all this pot shooting—big media, big culture, big corporations and big government—want the debate to stay right where it is. Why? Because they can rush in and pick away at the new loot that hits the ground when one thief pulls ahead of the other.
Robert Kimball Shinkoskey,
Woods Cross


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