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Soap Box: Sept. 28-Oct. 11

On The Gateway, censored stories, politics and more.



Cover story, Sept. 27, "Ghost Mall"
A mall's a mall. They often try to replicate downtowns, but those things occur in a more organic way. Lifestyle centers are forced and planned—fake. People are looking for more authentic experiences than places like this offer. I hope they're able to turn it around.
Chad Banks
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All this new owner has to do is hold on a couple of years. The original plan, with all of its condos and apartments was too forced, but now natural expansion has taken place all around The Gateway. These developments, combined with the crackdown at Rio Grande has the future looking brighter now than any time previous. If it can land a handful of bars in addition to the confirmed Dave & Buster's, it might make it. The remodel of the exterior spaces has really made the area look better.
Daniel Cochrane
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If this comes to fruition, it sounds amazing! But the local gov't needs to participate and loosen up for this to really be a success and create a new niche in the Salt Lake scene.
Jaime Pimsler
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I knew the first time I went there, outdoor malls would be a short-term fad. If they wanna make the mall successful, put on a roof, add A/C and heat. People don't go outside when it's too hot or too cold. The new City Creek mall and the homeless problem do not help, either.
Ed Thatcher
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Being able to get a drink might help.
Wendi Guerrero
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I hated when the Apple Store moved away. That's the only reason I went to The Gateway, and it's the only reason I force myself to go to the "other" mall.
Benton Clark
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So far, everything is much uglier. They have started to paint everything white. It looks like a cement prison complex now.
Ryan Brimhall
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I love The Gateway. I hope its comeback brings back its glory.
Sarahjane Aleta Morrison
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I love it a lot better than City Creek! It's not Mormon-owned or pretentious!
Nic Delgado
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Right? City Creek also has one of the worst security staff I've ever met.
CK Darcey
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Cover story, Oct. 5, "The Censored List"
Here's City Weekly casually reminding us of the supposedly God-fearing cowards who refuse to play fair.
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News, Sept. 27, "Monumental Fumble"
It has been pointed out many times that Trump has two options if he wants to modify or revoke any of our national monuments. He can try to do it unilaterally (legally impossible due to the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976) or by asking for an act of Congress (politically impossible). I find it ironic that Secretary Zinke complains about political motivations when that describes his own report. There simply isn't a non-political reason to drastically cut the size of ten national monuments, and the report doesn't even pretend otherwise.
Richard Warnick

Hits & Misses, Sept. 27, "No Fun Zone"
Is having a happy childhood in Utah really necessary? Nope!
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The system is not trying to produce healthy artists—duh. They want barely educated worker drones that are easily led. Just look at the snowflakes they are producing now, SJWs and antifa. The future looks bright!
Dave Caldwell
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Five Spot, Sept. 27, "Why are Utah's rape rates higher than national ones?"
Pretty clearly because of the male-dominated religious culture.
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Hint: It rhymes with morons.
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Because many cults that practice here look down on women. We are not going to take it anymore.
Carrie Teeter Ewing
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There's no stigma for women or men who have been assaulted. We're survivors and we can overcome this. Stand together!
Kristal Yi Bullock
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The Straight Dope, Sept. 27, "The Real Holy War"
Claiming all Islam is war is the same as claiming all whites are KKK. It's a lie ... and is the first sign of bigotry and hate. Muslims are not all jihadist, just like not all Utah is Mormon. Generalizations are false.
Michael James Stone
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And a purpose of Christianity is to "save" the infidel—by whatever means necessary?
Marek AF
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The Ocho, Oct. 5, "Eight scare-filled local Halloween attractions for the budget-minded"
Just don't ride your bike without a light on it or it will be a real horror for you.
Mike Sales
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Is it really that bad? I grew up in the Bronx in the 1980s.
Adam A King
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Trax free zone after 8.
Samantha Durfey
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The Ocho, Sept. 27, "Eight under-construction Salt Lake City apartment developments you might still be able to afford but probably not"
My soul? Sure. What's the square footage?
Michael Gacillos O'Hair
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