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Soap Box: Sept. 7-13

CW readers speak their mind about Sugar House development.



Cover story, Sept. 7, "Gentrify Me"
Can you really "gentrify" an already popular, already white area? The whole point of gentrification is moving into poor places, steamrolling the populations there (most often people of color). This is a whole other people, 'cause I didn't see one person in that article that wasn't white.
Amanda Green
Via Facebook

Yeah. Is this gentrification? From what I understand, gentrification involves the displacement of a lower income population of mostly non-white renters by a high-income class of owners who are largely white or east/south Asian. What's happening in Sugar House looks like retail development and increased population density. What's the alternative to either?
Justin Johnson
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I think many families, mine included, originally came here with the Mormons. Most were white. It seems logical to me. Sorry I'm not diverse enough. My family has lived in Sugar House since my whole block was an orchard.
Katie Goldman
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Does anyone else remember the water slide? And that dance club (I think it was called The Palladium)? In the '70s my grandma worked in a sewing shop about where Michael's is. Crazy how much has changed since then!
Holli DiAna
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When I was a child, our family would drive to SLC once a year from Provo. My dad would always take us to Snelgrove's. While he went in to get us a cone, he would tell us to watch these cones for drips and that he would surely be back with our cones before they dripped. Yes, he was right, and we totally believed him.

Sugar House has lost its intrinsic allure and is quickly becoming just another bedroom and store-chain community. Another great place lost to those intent on getting richer.
Robin A. Page
Via Facebook

/Old geezer mode/ A friend and I were lamenting that there is no longer a Snelgrove's or Fernwood's where you could sit down and get a decent hot fudge sundae. Still remember Fernwood's "pig's dinner" double banana split. /End old geezer mode/
Rocky Olsen Sr.
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I moved to SLC in 1966. I couldn't tell you the number of times I visited the South Temple and 21st South locations.
John Clarke
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Sugar House is tacky. There's almost nothing you can get in there that you can't get in an airport terminal.
Yele Omo
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Great cover.
Via Instagram

Damn, City Weekly, so edgy.
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I really like the illustration, so kudos to the artist. But this gentrification of a 99.9 percent white area is a head-scratcher. It's more population density, for sure. But I think the issue is home-owning NIMBYs whining about more renters moving in.

There are still empty lots on 2100 South above 700 East. Traffic is only bad at rush hour. At other hours it's downright breezy ...

The traffic only seems bad if you have to commute through it. I never have any trouble between 10 a.m.-3 p.m. or after 7 p.m. In fact, it's very light traffic. I think the complainers are a bunch of home-owning NIMBYs.
Tiffany Young
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Thanks again to City Weekly for including us in this awesome article about Sugar House business owners!
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We're always surprised to see Sterling Furniture is still in business. How is that possible? Do you ever see anyone in there? We don't.
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The Beer Nerd, Sept. 7, "The Longest Shot-Ski"
Doesn't count when it's not hard liquor.
Warren Miterko
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