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Soap Box: Dec. 1-7


Art Right
Can a cartoon be a letter to the editor? I drew one and I'd like to submit it. (I apologize that I suck as an artist.)
Ras Beret,

News, Dec. 1, "Silent Survivors"
Kudos for highlighting these women and this issue. The use of the term sex worker here diminishes the gravity of what these women face and their status as victims of unspeakable abuse. Being prostituted by pimps and johns is not an occupation, it is a form of oppression, and as much as some choose it to survive, it chose them. These are prostituted people, victims of commercial sexual exploitation and should be referred to as such as not to minimize the truth of what this is.
A. Brauer, J.D.

@CityWeekly Terms matter. They survive commercial sexual exploitation, oppression. Not an occupation. ... Kudos for covering Silent Survivors.
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A step in the right direction at least.
Jim Smith
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Or just decriminalize sex work ...
Stephanie Nelson
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Five Spot, Dec. 1, Pepa Taufui
What an inspiration to all of us Polynesians. Thank you for your selflessness and willingness to make others feel happy.
Nia Fonua

Way to go!
Sandra Stayer
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The Ocho, Dec. 1, "8 ways to spot a 'fake news' website"
Fox News and Rupert Murdoch. Republicans cry Soros but know nothing about old Rupert. More disturbing is the lack of knowledge many have regarding Koch Bro's influence [on] American politics.
Lucille Lopiccolo Douroux
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On fake news: "Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities" —Voltaire
Víctor M. Centeno
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A&E, Dec. 1, "Emperor Trumpatine"
"So this is how democracy ends: to thunderous applause." The only good line of the entire prequel trilogy.
Rob Tennant
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👏👏👏 ... By the way, I'm applauding the article. Not the loss of democracy.
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Hollywood idiots know best. Glad to have Trump as commander in chief.
James Dubin Jr.
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Trump's too incompetent to be compared to the genius of Darth Sidious.
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Trump will be a great president.
Scott Hyland
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In the way that Darth Vader was good for the Empire.
Jared Bowden
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Jared Bowden, I fail to see your point. Vader was great for the Empire.
Max Sandall
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Good article, but if anyone's waiting for Donald Trump Jr. to save democracy, don't hold your breath.
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Gawd, seriously? Talk about an evil Sith, look at Clinton.
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All for opposing viewpoints
First and foremost, I would like to thank you for publishing my poem, "The Steps of the Madeleine." It was a great surprise to see, indeed! I would like to comment, also, on the article that you published, titled "Emperor Trumpatine" [A&E, Dec. 1]. I found it very entertaining and somewhat insightful, as well. The comparison that the author made was quite accurate; however, I did think that it could have gone into some more detail. Perhaps that is just complimenting the article further; that's up to you.

Finally, I would like to say that I did vote for Donald Trump, but I always like to hear the opposing viewpoints to keep me on my feet, which City Weekly does a hell of a job (pardon my French). Keep up the good work.
Douglas N. Heinl,
Salt Lake City

Drink, Dec. 1, "Hop to It"
Really missed the ball on the pun: "IPAs are hopping to the top."
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@ClementYChow I'm really bitter about this.
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I think you did the local craft brewers a disservice with your recent article "Hop to It, The remarkable rise of IPAs." Identifying IPAs from Uinta, Epic, Red Rock and Squatters is like identifying lagers made by Bud and Coors. Pretty much anyone reading your paper knows about them. The local Big Four all make great beers—I am a huge fan—but not even a nod to some of the lesser known, but possibly better, ones from Proper, 2 Row or Shades of Pale? And here I thought City Weekly was all about the little guy. Tsk, tsk.
Marc Cronan,
Salt Lake City

Dine, Dec. 1, Table X
I am sure they serve quality food, but the person who took this picture needs to photograph items that do not look like the chef left his finger in the Salad.
Lynn Baker
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Interesting read by @Critic1 at @CityWeekly on [Table] X restaurant on how three chefs can get along.
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Cinema, Dec. 1, "Holiday horror might be the most horrible subgenre."
So I guess that's Really Bad Santa?
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Music, Dec. 1, "Have cassettes come back for good?"
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