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Socialists Beware

Utah's GOP stalwarts take new precautions against socialism. The inland port's conflicted power players. Plus, who's to blame for the hijacked conversion therapy bill?



Socialists Beware
Remember Sen. Joe McCarthy? Oh, of course you don't. He was the Wisconsin GOP senator who spent a grueling five years trying to "expose" the threat of communism in the United States. Hundreds were prosecuted, maybe 10,000 lost jobs and many more were blacklisted as the perceived threat hijacked the nation's good sense. McCarthyism even bled into a hunt for homosexuals, perceived as a threat. McCarthy's dead. Rep. Chris Stewart lives. Stewart has begun a curious effort to educate the masses about the dangers of socialism. He started the Anti-Socialism Caucus, you know, to tell us what it is. In his most recent post, he says it "starts out with high-minded notions of equality and justice but ends with mass graves ..." Be afraid, be very afraid, because socialism is indeed in that subversive document—the Declaration of Independence.


Inland Exposé
Give the Deseret News a gold star or at least a pat on the back for tilting at the windmill we call the inland port. Reporter Katie McKellar got hold of a marketing email from the Salt Lake Chamber and boom! Derek Miller has been exposed as the power-hungry and greedy chairman of the Utah Inland Port Authority. Of course, McKellar doesn't say that outright, but you can connect the dots. Miller also is CEO of the chamber and his email "indicates that Miller was personally offering a national rail business a spot on the chamber's 'influential and exclusive international/inland port committee' in exchange for $10,000, the chamber's membership fee." But Miller insists "the money does not influence." Yeah, right. The fee? It "increases your influence," the chamber website says.


We all know that Gayle Ruzicka is the power behind Utah politicians. Who knew there even was another, this one named Rep. Karianne Lisonbee, R-Clearfield, now quoted in all the Utah news outlets. She believes that LGBTQ kids kill themselves because of their lifestyle, and that electroshock therapy isn't torture. Yes, the conversion therapy ban died in the Legislature, and you have to point to Lisonbee. The LDS church was neutral and the GOP seemed poised to pass it. But then, the governor signed the weird compromise bill, and had to apologize a little. That's because kids protested outside his office. Advocates resigned from the task force and people are trying to say the church should get actively involved. Really? Isn't this a legislative issue if a moral one? But it's hard to expect much from our lawmakers when they also refused to pass gun laws to prevent youth suicide.