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Sohn, Wet

When: Tue., Nov. 11, 8 p.m. 2014

Since it's often purely instrumental, it's rare that electronic music has much of a tangible human presence. But that's far from the truth in the captivating music created by London-born musician/producer Sohn. Sure, he's twiddling knobs and pushing buttons as he performs, but he's also showing his skills on the piano and singing with a clear, soulful voice that floats above his sleek, sophisticated compositions. As heard on Sohn's minimal debut album, Tremors, released earlier this year, his music is indeed influenced by the metropolitan nature of his adopted home, Vienna, but it also glows with relatable, human emotion. On beat-less piano ballad "Paralysed," for example, he speaks of a toxic relationship and heartbreak in visceral terms: "Nobody can slit my throat/ Nobody can leave me lying by the side of the road like you can." Wet will also perform. (Kolbie Stonehocker)

Price: $11

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