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Some Hope Remains for Tribune Sports Section


The Utah Jazz lost 4-0 in the playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers, but after Game 3—when it would require a miracle, but was technically possible for the Jazz to win the series—The Salt Lake Tribune published a story with the headline “All Hope Is Lost.” This rankled many, including reader John Saltas [see “Trashing the Jazz,” May 12, City Weekly] who has deeper complaints about the paper’s sports section.

Some defended the Tribune’s headline. “Looks like that headline was prophetic. Lakers swept, 4-0, and it wasn’t even close in Game 4,” wrote Ralph. “Truth is its own best defense.”

But pessimistic prophecies can be self-fulfilling “I so agree with you, John,” wrote Marsha Maxwell. “The Trib’s Monday headline was embarrassing, for them and for the Jazz.”

Saltas wrote that the Tribune’s sports writers this season have fixated on the idea that the Jazz need to “rebuild,” while it’s the Tribune who needs a shake-up.

“To paraphrase Michelle Obama: For the first time, I was proud to be a Jazz fan during these short-lived playoffs,” wrote Anonymous, who complained that, when compared to current players, past Jazz greats John Stockton and Karl Malone had piss-poor attitudes.

Rant Control believes, sometimes, papers need to be civic boosters and, sometimes, pessimistic prophets. In this case, it’s all fun and games anyway, so why so dire?

Jesse Fruhwirth: