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Source Code, Dylan Dog

New DVDs Tuesday, July 26


Source Code - SUMMIT

Source Code
A soldier (Jake Gyllenhaal) takes over another man’s body for eight minutes at a time over and over again to stop a train bomber, only to fall in love with a passenger (Michelle Monaghan) and get all gooey about it. Blech. (Summit) Netflix

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
A New Orleans private eye (Brandon Routh) who specializes in cases of the undead (“No pulse? No problem”) gets caught in the middle of a war between vampires, werewolves and zombies. It’s almost like a comic book … (Fox) Netflix

The Fish Child
A suburban teen and her maid girlfriend (Ines Efron and Mariela Vitale) plot a robbery and a getaway to Paraguay, until the maid is arrested and the teen risks all to break her out of jail. Oh, and they’re lesbians, not fish. (Wolfe) Netflix

The King of Fighters
In the tradition of such cinematic achievements as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat comes the tale of a woman (Maggie Q) who must do battle in an alternate-universe tournament to avenge her lover. It’s almost like a video game … (Arclight) Netflix

Psychopaths: Sex With Hostages
Two crazed criminals on the run from the law take a woman hostage, then turn on each other before two crazed cops show up and turn the whole situation into a bloody, rape-y showdown. It’s almost like an SVU episode … (MVD) Site

More New DVD Releases (July 26)
Bio-Dead, Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, The Dead & The Damned, Flesh Wounds, Ironclad, Jersey Shore: Season 3, Life During Wartime, Scream of the Banshee, The Sentiment of the Flesh, Supernatural: The Anime Series, Turbulent Skies