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Speaking of Gifts...



We’ve got a guide for your favorite pooch this Christmas. Here are a few ideas:

Soft Plush Toys - come in various degrees of durability. These toys are usually meant to be shared with you and your dog. Most dogs left alone with fluffy toys can easily destroy them in minutes.

Training Classes - give a gift certificate for training classes to a friend who would like to have a well mannered dog. (Maybe for your neighbor’s barking dog?)

Fun Chewables - find some safe long lasting chews (bully sticks, lamb ears, tendons, etc.) for your dog to keep him happily occupied while you open your gifts on Christmas morning.

Interactive Toys - they come in all shapes and sizes and are great to keep your dog stimulated as he tries to figure out how to get a treat out of a toy or puzzle. Some worth mentioning: Tricky Treat Ball, K9 Genius, Nina Ottoson Puzzle, Kong Wobbler, etc. Scavengers that they are, dogs particularly enjoy this kind of challenge.

Gifts for dog and handler - how about matching coats, backpacks for hiking, or boots for trekking through the snow? Maybe a pair of doggie goggles (doggles) for the dog and some nice shades for the handler?

Joring Gear - does your dog have a favorite sport? For some dogs “pulling” is a sport if done correctly. Dog-Joring is one of the fastest-growing winter sports and a fun way for you to get out into the snow with your dog and love it!

You can find all of these toys locally at your favorite pet supply store (wink!) ; )