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Sports Build Character



What’s a sport or game you play—and what are the lessons you’ve learned from playing it?

Ted Scheffler: Does “hide the pickle” count?

Annie Quan: Oh the game of love with the best lesson: always keep your clothes on in the hot tub.

Bryan Bale: From Taekwondo I learned that whatever tool you use to inflict damage is also damaged. (I’m glad the swelling in my knuckle eventually went down after I broke that board.)

Susan Kruithof: I just played the bean-bag toss at Gracie’s. I learned that as well as you might think you did, someone else can come along and do better; which is fine, as long as beer is involved.

Sarah Bailey: Air hockey is my absolute favorite. I have learned that, even the most submissive li’l wallflower can turn into a raging competitive beast when trying their hand at it. I bet it has been a basis for at least one divorce.

Lia Pretorius: Mountain biking. I’ve learned the same lessons I’ve learned from raising kids: Pay attention every second, because that’s how long it takes for something to go terribly wrong.

Julie Erickson: Soccer. I don’t even want to hear it. It is, too, a sport and it has taught me the most valuable lessons in life: Everyone appreciates a sassy pair of gams!

Bill Frost: I don’t play, but I observe plenty of roller derby firsthand. Lessons learned: Never cross a bitch on skates, and women are more than capable of smelling as rank as men.