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Spot the Scam, People



Recently, there was an offensive and patently bogus postcard sent to voters in District 2 that claimed to be from west-side Salt Lake City Council candidate Kyle LaMalfa. It’s unclear who sent the initial postcard, but since its mailing, confused supporters of rival candidate Michael Clara have sent letters to their friends and neighbors that perpetuate the dishonesty found in the initial postcard [See “SLC District 2 Race: Play Nice, Boys,” Aug. 17]. Few, if any, have seen how poorly concocted this scam postcard actually is. If you’d like to see the fraudulent postcard, go to

Rather than express empathy for Kyle LaMalfa’s situation, denounce dishonesty and communicate to his supporters that he doesn’t want to benefit from a corrupt smear campaign, opponent Michael Clara said on KCPW, “I don’t know what [Kyle is] so upset about” and claimed that the dishonesty in the postcard is essentially true. Such cheerleading for a smear campaign pushed the dishonest snowball off the top of the mountain.

Regardless of whether Michael Clara himself orchestrated this smear campaign or thinks he is just benefiting from it without having to get his hands dirty, he’s shown that he is unfit for City Council. If he’s willing to benefit from and cheer on this corruption without protesting, he will choose to benefit from corruption again later.

I never would have believed it, as I always trusted Michael, but it appears he has let his morals fall to tatters over a City Council race. Either that, or he’s so incapable of spotting a scam that his lack of good judgment should disqualify him from representing District 2. Whether it’s dishonesty or (willful) ignorance, Michael Clara is not the kind of representative we need in Salt Lake City.

Kyle LaMalfa is a hardworking, creative, smart, solutions-oriented person. He’s humorous, full of energy, respectful of all people and experienced at helping to build a community.
In the City Council primary on Sept. 13, vote for honesty, vote for a person with good instincts.

Vote for Kyle LaMalfa.

Jesse Fruhwirth%u2028
Salt Lake City

Editor’s note: Jesse Fruhwirth is a former City Weekly reporter/digital editor.