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Staff-approved peaceful protests



Outside of sit-ins and kiss-ins, what other kind of peaceful protest do you endorse?

Lara Grant: I really get a kick out of boycotting stuff. Whether or not it’s effective, who knows? But, it definitely satisfies my spiteful taste for vengeance against companies, people and ideas that offend me in some manner!

Brandon Burt: Bone-in? Oh, wait—that’s just for meat products …

Bryan Bale: I’d like to protest the biblical injunction against fornication—though it might be a bit tricky to advertise such an event on radio or television.

Nick Clark: I’ve always been a fan of fasting. You get the exposure you want by doing something completely unrelated to your cause, and you leave more food for me.

Jesse James Burnitt: I like writing letters to senators, congressmen and –women and other public officials, and expressing my candid and unrestrained views on current matters.

Jackie Briggs: I like the good, old-fashioned boycott. I take pride in not going somewhere because they’ve screwed me over. You know what you’ve done, Java Joe’s.

Sarah Bailey: I have to give mad props to the half-naked, painted chick promoting veganism/protesting carniverous foodstuffs. She was on display downtown in the 90-degree weather a week or so ago. Go, girl!

Jerre Wroble: Protests, my jaded nature tells me, seldom change anything. But I have been awed, moved and inspired by peaceful marches, both participating in them and simply observing them.

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