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Staffbox | 2008 Predictions



OK. What is your prediction/forecast for 2008?

Jennifer Van Grevenhof: I predict that my answer will be in the first Staffbox of 2008!

Faith Burnham: I’m predicting that we’ll have some wet days, some hot days, maybe a few inversion-free days just for fun ...

Lindsay Larkin: I predict that my cat Balthazar Yeti Larkin and I will remain totally neurotic and inseparable. I also predict that some one will give me a trust fund … please.

Derek Jones: My predictions for 2008 are Lindsay will finally receive her long-awaited trust fund and sign it over to me. Ain’t she generous?

Jerre Wroble: That Bill Frost’s True TV column will become nationally syndicated, that he will be invited to appear on TV talk shows, and that he won’t forget the pivotal role I played in his well-deserved success.

Steve Matney: As always, the world will end.

Jeff Reese: I predict that we will get smart and pick a president who gives a damn about more than just war and money.

Justin Healy: It will start out with some light presidential campaigning, followed by some heavy s—t-talking. Few or no troops coming home from a bogus war. Finally ending in heavy elections that will hopefully change something. Oh, I forgot, nothing important being done by anybody in political office because they don’t work during election years!

Chelsie Booker: Not as hazy as the ’07 for this one, that’s for sure! I also predict that my new crochet habit is really going to take off.

Jennifer Higgins: Even after all the sneaky yet obvious attacks and attempts to marginalize him, Ron Paul will still beat out all those bought-off sniveling traitorous liars running for President.

Nick Clark: Jesus returns and the liquor laws will finally be changed to reflect the rest of the nation. In that order.

Scott Renshaw: The Patriots will win the Super Bowl, the housing market will continue circling the drain and the Democrats will somehow find a way to lose the presidential election. Who’ll give me better than 2-1 odds on hitting that trifecta?

Nate Levinson: The Seahawks will win the Super Bowl. The Jazz will win the NBA championship. I’ll win World’s Biggest Loser.

Bryan Bale: The gap between rich and poor will grow wider. Thousands more Americans will lose their homes. Blackwater won’t be held accountable for its actions in Iraq. The Bush administration will continue to impose sanctions on Iran because of its civilian nuclear program and continue to maintain relations with regimes in countries like Sudan and Pakistan. The United States will elect another president I can’t tolerate. And I’ll probably write 2007 on at least one check in 2008.