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Staffbox | A Utah win or a BYU loss?



What would you be more thankful for this weekend—a Utah football win over BYU, or a BYU football loss to Utah?

Derek Jones: I choose the Utah football win over the BYU football loss. It just sounds more positive, which I’m all about, even when it comes to evil BYU.

Justin Healy: I think both teams losing to Boise State at the same time would make me happy.

Steve Matney: I think the two teams should have a Guitar Hero III marathon. I’d watch that. And I’d be seriously glad that BYU got beaten by Utah, but only because those Mormon kids have boring music running in their blood, and Utah would be the underdog, and I innately root for the underdog.

Faith Burnham: I have more high school buddies going to BYU than Utah, so I guess I’m rooting for Utah just to piss them off. Ha!

Bill Frost: Are we still pretending that college football is a real sport? Aw, cute.

Lindsay Larkin: American football has never been my thing, so I’m saving all my sports enthusiasm for Roger Federer next summer and the Yankees next fall.

Paula Saltas: Jesus, is John always right or is John never wrong? See, people, what I “get” to go through?! Utah by 5.

Larry Carter: A Utah win—and not just a win, but a total devastation.

Lisa Hines: The Excel spreadsheet in my brain is short-circuiting due to your circular reference. I’m so nerdy it’s shameful.

Nathan Levinson: BYU failures tickle me. If the U benefits, gravy!

Doug Kruithof: Can they just tie so everyone’s happy?

Jeff Reese: To be honest, I will be thankful that my television isn’t on and that I will have no idea either way.

Derek Carlisle: “BYU Heads Back to Happy Valley With Tears in Their Eyes” makes me smile just a bit more than “Another Slaughter by the Utes!”—but they both have the right warm fuzzies.

Nick Clark: Thanksgiving, Utah victory, Christmas then New Year’s. Sounds like the perfect holiday season!