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Staffbox | Chelada party!



If we have a chelada party and you can invite anyone from the Tribune or Deseret News, who would it be?

Bryan Mannos: Steve.

Paula Saltas: Robert Kirby; I enjoy his column. Mormons are fun drunks. I’m the designated driver for all my Mormon friends.

Jamie Gadette: I’d like to go on a booze cruise with Heather May and Rosemary Winters.

Bill Frost: Sean Means from the Tribune because we hate most of the same things, and Jeff Vice from the D-News because we drink most of the same things.

Jackie Briggs: Well, none other than Ben Fulton. I hear that guy knows how to drink and gives great party speeches.

Jennifer Nixon: I wouldn’t invite anyone. More people = less Chelada for me!

Brandon Burt: Every time I’ve been in a room containing not only alcohol but also Rob Gehrke and Heather May, I’ve had a great time—knockin’ ’em back Chrony style!

Suzie Broshous: I am not sure of her name, but I would invite the poor lady that has to hand out the Afternoon Buzz right outside our office. Poor thing, everyone always tells her, “No thank you.” She should really get a better job.

Michael Collins: Ha! I’d rather drink alone.

Holly Mullen: I would invite Lya and Leah. That’s Lya Wodraska and Leah Hogsten. Lya W. is a sports writer and Leah H. is a photographer. They are both talented, I love them both and I shouldn’t have to pick one Lya over another Leah, should I?

Susan Kruithof: Why, oh, why would I have a chelada party with those guys when have we all the best partiers work at City Weekly.

Ashley Mortensen: David Schneider. More drinks for me!

Jeremiah Smith: If I could invite anyone that staff, it would most certainly be the Grocery Guru. That way, we might get a deal on the cheladas. Plus I, not so secretly, find his article quite saucy.

Chelsie Booker: Mmm … chelada. So if I don’t invite anyone to said party, could I still have some chelada, please? Pleeeaase?