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Staffbox | Cheladas, the Utah Jazz or our new liquor laws: Which do you prefer?



Cheladas, the Utah Jazz or our new liquor laws: Which do you prefer?

Annie Quan: Liquor laws. At least you go into it knowing you’ll be disappointed.

Derek Carlisle: The Jazz might choke every now and then, but the other two are hard to swallow.

Justin Healy: I don’t drink. I don’t really care if I can get a sidecar or not. My ex is tight with the Jazz. I guess I will have to say, “None of the above.”

Brandon Burt: I don’t see any point in mixing lime or tomato juice with anything weaker than 50 percent vodka. (Hey, I’ll bet when those metering systems were implemented, some funny bartender said, “Well, I’ll be jiggered!”) So, uh, “Go, Daron!”

Nathan R. Levinson: I’m wearing a D-Willy jersey with chelada stains on it!

Nick Clark: The Jazz are the only option that doesn’t make me more stupid.

Jayne Pedersen: The motherf—kin’ Jazz, yo! Look out, Lakers—Kobe, this means you!

Doug Kruithof: I must offer full disclosure, as I own a lime plantation: cheladas, of course!

Steve Matney: I say, let’s all raise our cheladas in a goodbye toast to our beloved sidecar, without which no one will ever be able to get drunk again in the state of Utah. The party is over, Utah. Party. Is. Over.

Derek Jones: Is this a trick question? I guess I have to say cheladas because they’re the least of three evils.

Cody Winget: Cheladas, for sure. The Jazz and our new liquor laws are often disappointing, and are only good occasionally. Cheladas rarely disappoint and are almost always good.

Chelsie Booker: May I request a chelada during a Jazz game, please? No thank you on any Utah liquor laws … new or old.

Brooke Gaztambide: The Utah Liquor Laws drive me to drink and the Utah Jazz drive me to drink, so I will have to go with the cheladas.

Jennifer Van Grevenhof: The Jazz, of course, ’cause they are the real contenders and the rest are just pretenders. Go D-Will!