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Staffbox | Do you favor reinstituting the military draft?



Do you favor reinstituting the military draft?

Jamie Gadette: Hell, no! I favor taking steps to start resolving the mess we started in the Middle East and trying very hard not to piss off any more foreign territories.

Kathy Mueller: Yes I do, but only for politicians and their extended families.

Emily Prachthauser: Almost as much as I favor starting a war for no reason. And letting one drag on... and on... for no reason.

Jennifer Higgins: Hell, no! From depleted-uranium poisoning to forced experimental vaccinations to then most likely being screwed out of veterans’ benefits, I do not want to be a pawn for the rich elite. I would only consider it if it were a war worth fighting for, like World War II.

Tyler Bradshaw: Yes, maybe that would motivate the people enough.

Nathan Levinson: I favor reinstituting diplomacy and fighting with our minds. My brain dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

Bill Frost: If they’re shipping out the cast of High School Musical, unequivocally yes.

Derek Carlisle: If people feel it is a just war, they will enlist. If it is a large enough threat than the threatened will enlist. If the threat persists to the invasion of our land, than we have the right to bare arms and kick some A. But no person should be forced to obey a government!

Paula Saltas: Only if it now applies to Greek men over 50.

Faith Burnham: I am very much not in favor, thanks.

Jerre Wroble: Yep. What better way to wake people up and end an ignoble war.

Scott Renshaw: Yes, provided we eliminate the “my parents are powerful enough to get me out of it, allowing me to survive and become a saber-rattling douchebag 40 years later” exception.

Jeff Reese: Drafting for a pre-emptive war would not be OK. If our homeland was threatened, it would make sense. Of course, if we were in a situation like that, I doubt the military would be suffering from a low level of recruits. If the draft comes back, it will be because nobody will join the military due to fear of the actions of our war mongering administration.

Annie Quan: Only if they start with political families first. I say, “lead by example.”

Jesse James Burnitt: The draft would be a tremendous mistake, much like our occupation of Iraq. Then again, that might be the impetus we need to get people off their asses and do something about our overtly corrupt government. A better solution would be a mandatory one-year military or social service requirement, similar to most European countries.