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Staffbox | Happy Hour



Clubs and restaurants can now pour 1.5 ounce cocktails. Feeling it?

Ben Rosch: At least that is a half-ounce closer to reality!

Annie Quan: I’m feeling it. In my wallet.

Derek Carlisle: I’m more of a beer drinker, so the laws need another staggered step in the right direction.

Jackie Briggs: Yes, I feel it every Sunday morning.

Jennifer Nixon: I “feel it” every time I forget about the increase and trick the bartender into giving me a “sidecar.” Four double vodka tonics is a little too much now that there is an extra shot in each one.

Brandon Burt: I do all my drinking in the editorial department, where we pour ’em straight up in 24-ounce tumblers. Those DABC cocktails are for little baby people.

Derek Jones: I’m feeling it like the ghost pain in a lost limb—you “think” you feel something, but in the end, it’s not really there.

Bryan Mannos: Hell, yeah. Any excuse to use my car’s cruise control! wo0t!

Jeff Reese: Just because they can, does that mean they do? It doesn’t seem in their best interest to do so. Drunker patrons who don’t spend as much money … hmm.

Cesar Guzman: What? I’ll to end up drinking more to make up the difference? Umm … sidecar, please!

Nick Clark: Nobody cares if you or I feel it, do they? They only care if the tourists catch a buzz. I feel like we’re going to have a few more drunken tourists to deal with this winter.

Paula Saltas: No, because John only takes me to “restaurants” with drive-thru windows. Cheap Greek.

Lia Pretorius: Don’t ask me to do math when I’m drinking!

Stephen Matney: It’s enough liquor to drown in!

Bryan Bale: It feels cold, wet and squishy.

Suzie Broshous: On a recent excursion to Kristauf’s, we mused upon this. Basically we decided that martinis here in Salt Lake City are merely foo-foo drinks. Sidecar, stat!