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StaffBox: High Hopes & Fiascos



Have you ever entered a situation with high hopes only to learn later on it was a fiasco?

Tyler Bradshaw: Does waking up count?

Annie Quan: Yes. My last relationship.

Lisa Hines: Indeed I have. It’s called getting married at the ripe old age of 21.

Jamie Gadette: Yes. Several. They all start with: “Hey, want to be photographed/on TV/an emcee?”

Derek Jones: Like being raised Mormon with high hopes of living a good, married life with lots of children so that you could go to heaven, then realizing at an early age that you’re gay? What a fiasco.

Justin Healy: The one I gripe about the most is when I drove down from Idaho to see Murder City Devils and At the Drive In. They both cancelled due to bad weather in Colorado. At the end of the tour both bands broke up. WTF!

Faith Burnham: Let’s just say I’m never, ever going to agree to live in the same house as any member of my fiancé’s family again. Never!

Jennifer Higgins: Speaking in front of people! Hand me a keyboard, and I can write the most eloquent and concise blog voicing my opinion perfectly. Hand me a microphone, and I’m a stuttering mess who can’t quite find the right words to get my point across because I’m tripping all over my thoughts.

Bill Frost: Ever read The Ocho? Happens to me every week.

Natalie May: Um, pretty much everything I plan turns out that way.

Kathy Mueller: Hey … does this have something to do with our new software Smart Publisher?

Valeri Tronier: Tyler Bradshaw’s my roommate. Does that count?

Jesse James Burnitt: Almost every time I’ve entered into negotiations with a record label or touring agency.

Benito J. Chacon: I purchased an old BMW thinking that I could do the work with my buddy cheaply and easily. One problem after the other, part after part ordered. I think I worked on the car more than I drove it. I eventually sold it. And that was in my mechanic days.

Nathan Levinson: I got a job as a marketing manager once. After I accepted and began working, I was also asked to clean the company bathroom as one of my duties. Needless to say, the job stunk and I bounced.

Blade Brown: I remember November 2004. I had high hopes for Florida. But, before I knew it, the Bush was in charge.

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