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Staffbox | How much longer will we be in Iraq?



How much longer will we be in Iraq?

Justin Healy: Uh … as long as they have oil that we want. Duh.

Faith Burnham: Depends on which presidential candidate you ask! I think we’ve already been there for six years too many, and that’s just on this go-around.

Michael Collins: Until the well runs dry.

Nathan R. Levinson: Until we all drive cars that run on used french-fry oil.

Derek Jones: Until Jesus comes again to rein in the evil United States’ current George W. Bush administration.

Jeff Reese: How long will they still have oil? Not about the oil? Well, war is pretty profitable. … When will we stop wanting to be filthy rich at the cost of lives?

Ryan Dagget: If John McCain is elected, for at least another 100 years.

Jeremiah Smith: What do you mean? We don’t have anyone in Iraq? Do we? Oh, man! You just woke me up from the best daydream I ever had!

Scott Renshaw: Well, that all depends on how we vote in November, now doesn’t it?

Jennifer Higgins: We will be there long after the United States goes bankrupt. Maybe even until Jesus comes back.

Paula Saltas: It is looking like until all the cars run on biofuel and all the homes on solar panels.

Nick Clark: Until Dick Cheney runs out of poor people.

Derek Carlisle: Until the people decide—without “the decider”—that the holes we created should be filled with diplomacy that is a credit to our nation.

Jesse James Burnitt: I predict only as long as it takes our fearless blunderers to pull their collective heads out of their asses. At least 10 more years before people get sick enough to do something about it.

Holly Mullen: I can’t guess. But it had better end before this country brings back the draft and my 17-year-old son has to sign up.