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Staffbox | Should polygamy be made legal?


Should polygamy be made legal?

Brandon Burt: Not just legal. Mandatory. Every time some moralistic prick says he or she is “protecting marriage” by using the power of government to prevent nice, normal, productive gay adults from marrying, he or she should be forced to prove it by adding a spouse. Soon all the pricks will be joined together into one huge marital blob and we can throw them into the ocean.

Derek Jones: I think polyamory should be made legal. My issue with polygamy in the FLDS Church has more to do with child abuse, spouse abuse and brainwashing, none of which are good. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, I do not see a problem.

Andrea Moore: I don’t believe government should be allowed to decide who can marry and who cannot unless it deals with children (people under 18). Children should be protected; adults should be allowed to love whomever they wish to love.

Chelsie Booker: Wait, what? It’s not legal already? But I thought ... oh. I’m so embarrassed.

Jesse James Burnitt: Sure. As soon as they legalize pot, heroin, cocaine, LSD and other activities/beliefs that should be a matter of choice. Decriminalize it and maybe they’ll stop raping teenage girls and kicking the boys out of their “communities.”

Emily Prachthauser: The only way this would be possible is if we really cracked down on the statutory rape and abuse situations with the FLDS groups. That’s by far the most disturbing part of these polygamist compounds. If you want to have a few wives living together, fine. But I think women should be allowed multiple husbands, as well. And multiple same-sex marriages should be included. Oh, and no secret marriages that your other spouses don’t know about—that’s called cheating.

Nathan R. Levinson: I can think of more important things to legalize. Also, I think polygamist fashion should be outlawed.

Marilyn Eiden: Sure, if we want to regress back into olden times. Hell, why not just take away all rights for women! I must remind myself that my sole purpose here is just to provide more children and nothing more!

Jennifer Nixon: If by polygamy you mean having more than one spouse, sure! The more the merrier. If you’re referring to the modern-day fundamentalist meaning of one man and 10 underage children, no!

Paula Saltas: Yes, if women can have more than one husband! It would force men to be more attractive on all levels. Next comes legalized prostitution.

Jennifer Higgins: Screw monogamy and polygamy; society should go completely promiscuous! We could all share, and every bar could be a swinger’s club! A brave new utopian world!

Justin Healy: Sure. Inbreeding and child marriage are awesome!