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Staffbox | Summer va-ca vs. gas prices



How does the cost of fuel affect your vacation plans this summer?

Jesse James Burnitt: I’ll be spending more time on my bike, so keep raising those prices! By the end of the summer, I want to see fields of abandoned SUVs. Wake up.

Nick Clark: No road trip this year. It will be Slip ‘n Slide & Mojitos in my backyard this summer.

Susan Kruithof: I’m camping at Murray Park this year. No bears and it’s only a half-mile from my house ... sweet!

Bryan Bale: No trip to Zion Canyon this year. But I will be playing a gig up in Logan in July. We’re carpooling, as usual.

Paula Saltas: Instead of going to Greece again, the Saltas family tank can only get us as far as Yanni’s Greek Express on Highland.

Nathan Levinson: I’d say I would fly instead, but now we’re being charged for baggage as well. The only way to cost effectively take a trip nowadays is to drink magic mushroom tea.

Valeri Tronier: Goodness, I haven’t been able to afford a vacation since I first signed on for a car loan when I was 18. Luckily, it takes $0.00 to fill up the wading pool in my back yard, and the Slip ‘n Slide doesn’t rely on foreign oil, either.

Emily Prachthauser: I guess I won’t be enjoying a tasty free beverage on my next flight. Which is too bad because I’m going to be awfully thirsty now that I’m going to be walking everywhere. Also, I’ve created a new word: legsportation.

Stephen Dark: I’ll be working on my grilling recipes, camping at Donut Falls with my girls and marveling at radioactive sunsets over Salt Lake.

Brooke Gaztambide: What vacation? I can’t afford to drive to work.

Andrea Moore: I continued living the American Dream and took a road trip for our family vacation. We traveled 2,800 miles in 10 days from Salt Lake to Banff, Alberta, Canada. Sure, it would have been cheaper to stay home but the memories are priceless.

Stephen Matney: That trip to Pluto is out, that’s for sure. I mean, since it was kicked out of the planet club a couple years ago. I was considering scratching that detour, anyway (What’s the allure in a dwarf-planet? Seriously.), but now that gas prices are out of this solar system, Pluto is stricken from the list of stops in the Universal Family Vacation.

Chelsie Booker: It may slap some extra unwanted dollars on the airfare for a refreshing Alaskan adventure I’ve been looking forward to— but I won’t let that stop me! Perhaps the summer will just be extended into the fall … or winter … or maybe I’ll just plan for next summer. Shoot.

Jayne Pedersen: My vacation plans will be fine, but my huffing habit will take a big hit!