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Staffbox | What musician has made a lasting impact on your life?



Derek Carlisle: Mike Patton is probably the most creative, off-the-wall musical genius with a powerhouse voice.

Jamie Gadette: Kathleen Hanna and Stephen Malkmus, both of whom stand in fine contrast against misogyny and mediocrity. Don’t need you. We are underused.

Emily Prachthauser: Damon Albarn. Frontman for Blur, Gorillaz, and The Good, The Bad and The Queen. He’s very musically diverse and I love every style I’ve heard him pursue. I’ve been listening to him create music since I was in grade school, so listening to old Blur albums is very nostalgic.

Nick Clark: Steven Tyler. Because without him, I wouldn’t be here. Remember, Steve? Summer of ’77? Behind the Hollywood Bowl? I love you, Dad!

Derek Jones: Sigur Ros. Their music is so inspiring and unique, and the frontman’s pretty hot, too!

Holly Mullen: Jazz sax great John Coltrane, because his music has helped me evolve. I’ve listened to A Love Supreme countless times over 30 years. It’s big, it’s spiritual, it’s always with me.

Jennifer Higgins: Gwen Stefani. I love that I can nail her singing style perfectly, down to her signature vibrato (I’m still too chicken to do karaoke, though!).

Jeff Reese: Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against The Machine. In my teenage years, he influenced me to be more skeptical about world politics and ethics in general.

Annie Quan: Tori Amos. In 1995, when I was 15, I saw her perform at Cottonwood High School. Her performance was amazing and it made me love music.

Jennifer Nixon: Maynard James Keenan! I can remember picking up my first Tool album when I was 12, and it was in the purest sense of the word—life changing! I learned at a young age to question everything, to lead and not follow and I doubt I’d be as awesome as I am without their influence!

Valeri Tronier: James Taylor has come to be the barometer of crap against which I judge all crappy music. James Taylor is so unoffensive that I find it offensive. I’d rather listen to bad music than the boring tripe homeboy puts out. If I am subjected to one more campout sing-along featuring the music of Mr. Taylor and some dude and his guitar, I can’t be held responsible for what will happen to dude or the guitar.

Brooke Gaztambide: David Archuletta. Now that American Idol is over, we will get to hear the rest of the nation’s news.

Mike Collins: Jeff Buckley. Amazing singer and songwriter. No one else has been able to set my aspirations so high.