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Staffbox | What would your anonymous screen name be?



If you were to take up making anonymous comments on local Websites, what would your screen name be?

Emily Prachthauser: AnonimityMakesMeAnAss.

Faith Burhham: If I told you, I’d have to kill you. My online persona took years to create!

Ben Rosch: ILikeToMakeAnonymousComments_98745977499. I think that is the only one left available.

Bill Frost: Jackie Motherfucking Briggs, PhD.

Scott Renshaw: I would be in favor of using my “porn name”: childhood pet + the street you grew up on. Mine would be “Pepper Ream.” Swear to god.

Annie Quan: I would much rather give my real name. What’s the point of making comments and not have your name known? When I read anonymous comments, I just think, “Blah, blah, blah. Idiot. Disregard.”

Jackie Briggs: IAmUninformedSoIHideBehindThis_screenname16.

Steve Matney: What do you mean, if I were to? Don’t you mean, when I do? And when I do, my screen name is WimminLuvHimHatahsFeerHim42069.

Jerre Wroble: I seldom make such posts, but if I did, it would be as “George W. Bush,” thereby relieving me of the need to proofread or even make any cogent points with my posting at all.

Chelsie Booker:

Jennifer Higgins: Does this have something to do with that Kentucky representative. trying to make anonymous Internet posting illegal? It’s scary they are even considering this. It’s just one more step towards eliminating net neutrality! Don’t let them take away our last real outlet for free speech!

Valeri Tronier: I’ll go with ShortSidedSid because I’m extremely fair—especially when posting anonymously on Websites—with the Sid thrown in for alliteration.

Holly Mullen: I’m pretty damned noble about this: I never post comments anonymously. Put up or shut up, I always say. However, if I were to go all postal about something, I’d certainly post as John “The Greek” Saltas.