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Stale Satire



The real satire behind “Between the Toes” [April 4, City Weekly] was the fact that artist John Kilbourn took time out of his day to illustrate the article.

D.P. Sorensen, we get it. You’re the still, small voice of every non-Mormon, non-Catholic and non-anything-to-do-with-religion-population here in Utah. Can I just say with a mildly sarcastic tone: “You’re sooo against the grain.” I never get sick of hearing your same stale-ass material about LDS doctrine or ordinances. You just couldn’t help yourself with “Between the Toes.” You embarked on a satirical and fruitless journey about Catholics and, when the plane ran out of gas, landed that beat-up Cessna of yours at Salt Lake International.

Hey, I’m a big proponent of that First Amendment. But don’t promise me satire and give me “sat-tired” from reading it. Grab your picnic basket, gather up some new material and start thinking outside of that cardboard box you’ve been living in.

Salt Lake City