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State, the Obvious

Nine sights you can't miss on State Street:

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9. A variety of the world's best legal councils and pawn-brokers staying under what is most definitely not a Pizza Hut.
8. Pigeons who can play parking lot soccer better than you or anyone you know.
7. The incredible three-block-stretch where more than 50 percent of the periodic table can be collected whether you meant to or not.
6. Entertain your senses with every underpass as they naturally produce what's called "Mother Nature's Chloroform."
5. Hop on the 200 bus to catch our fine city's "Smells of the world" exhibit.
4. Experience "The Gauntlet of Unwise but Obtainable Car Loans" as you traverse the valley.
3. Visit the "Museum of Condemned by the Health Department."
2. The state's finest salt licks on this side of the Great Salt Lake.
1. Play a round of "Slang or Gibberish."



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