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Stephen Lynch




Upon hearing that a singing comedian is coming to town, most tend to tuck tail and run. Singing comics have a reputation for being more cheesy and irritating than funny.

Stephen Lynch, however, has been able to break through this stereotype and found success singing outrageous songs about special-ed kids, rectal drug smuggling and AIDS tests. His current tour is supporting his fourth album, Three Balloons, and will conclude with a one-hour Comedy Central special and DVD.

What makes Lynch different from the other singing comics is his very real musical talent. With perfect pitch and the ability to compose beautiful melodies, his songs (while ridiculous) are complete works of musical art. Although when he tours, he keeps it to a single keyboard or guitar, his studio albums feature drums, strings and everything you’d expect to hear from any professional solo artist.

That is where the similarity ends, though, because Lynch’s songs are created for the sole purpose of being funny. The son of a former priest and nun, Lynch calls himself “a musician trapped in the body of a comedian.” Excelling at the surprise punch line, Lynch’s songs all begin very innocently, seemingly about love or simpler times, but quickly turn into sarcastic, offensive anthems for degenerate minds everywhere. He never writes songs intentionally to shock people, but according to Lynch, “Sometimes they get shocked or offended in the process. I say fuck those people.” If you thought that last sentence took a quick, ugly turn, just wait until you hear him sing.

Stephen Lynch @ The Depot, 400 W. South Temple, 801- 456-2888, Oct 8.