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Steve Jerman: Nudes

Through March 14 @ Charley Hafen Gallery



Local artist and graphic designer Steve Jerman has been perfecting the art form he calls “mergings” for several years now. He has even published a book with that title showcasing his work and explaining the technique, in which he melds two disparate images—often pop-culture icons or historical figures—digitally to create a new image. The results reveal something about the subjects or make a commentary, like recent ones combining Hitler and Mitt Romney, or J. Edgar Hoover and cult leader David Koresh.

His current show features mergings of nudes from 2004 to 2008, atmospheric yet sensual bodies fusing into shapes and forms that at times seem almost abstract. The blending of colors—a major element of the technique as he tweaks them before being satisfied with the final product—is also a big part of the pleasure of viewing these works. From satiny to psychedelic, it’s all eye candy.

Steve Jerman: Nudes @ Charley Hafen Gallery, 1409 S. 900 East, 801-521-7711, through March 14, free.

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