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Stockman's Steakhouse

Come for the steak, stay for the cake



I have a pretty serious sweet tooth in general, but I’m a chocolate man when it comes right down to it. I’m sure your berry-cream-cornmeal-vanilla whatever is delicious, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s missing a necessary ingredient.

The unfortunate truth of this condition of mine, this particular myopia, is that restaurateurs and pastry chefs everywhere seem to be on to me. They know that they can put any old bland, unimaginative, day-old chocolate cake on the menu, and I’ll order it. Whether or not I enjoy it appears to be secondary.

This is why the capstone to my recent visit to Stockmen’s Steakhouse cemented my love for the place. All hail the molten turtle bundt cake.

I see the term “molten chocolate cake” a lot, and it is almost universally disappointing. Being over-cooked and dry is typically the offense, with an attempt to mask the failure with a drizzle of sauce.

Not at Stockmen’s. The single-serving bundt I enjoyed was baked to just slightly more-than-underdone perfection, moist and fluffy, the center of the cake filled with hot caramel sauce. I am embarrassed by the sound I made when I took my first bite.

The attention to detail expressed with this magnificent dessert was evident throughout the meal. My petite fillet was grilled to perfection. My companion’s chicken breast—often an afterthought in a steakhouse—was moist and well-seasoned. The side dishes were prepared with care. My server told me the spiced apple ring was a garnish, but I ate it anyway, and I’m glad that I did.

Stockmen’s is well-camouflaged among the casual-dining chain restaurants that surround it, bright neon and all, but don’t let that fool you. This place has brought some serious food to West Valley. It’s worth it for the cake alone, but you might as well have a steak while you’re there. 

3318 S. Decker Lake Drive
West Valley City