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Stop Burning, Start Birding


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Some fleeting open space in Draper could be lost to a housing subdivision if city officials grant a rezone request from a developer. Houses are a major contributor to the Salt Lake Valley's air-pollution problems, and so is wood burning, which studies have shown contributes massively to unhealthy winter air. To fix it, the Salt Lake County Health Department will take public comment on a new wood-burning regulation. On a brighter note, check out a free winter raptor field trip at the Great Salt Lake this weekend.

Draper City Council
Tuesday, Dec. 16

A 4.6-acre sliver of open space abutting what Draper city officials say is a possible wetland could soon sprout homes. A developer is hoping to rezone the property at 12980 S. 300 East from its current allotment of one house per acre to three houses per acre. With a recent favorable nod from the planning commission, the council could follow suit. Up for future debate, though, is the 3.5-acre wetlands parcel, which is currently owned by a developer but is designated as future open space in the city's master plan. The city, though, has no current plans to acquire the property.
Draper City Hall, 1020 E. Pioneer Road, 801-576-6329, Dec. 16, 7 p.m.,

Salt Lake County Health Board
Thursday, Dec. 11

The Salt Lake Valley Health Department is considering a more restrictive ban on wood burning than the one state regulators have in place. The public can voice their comments on proposed regulation No. 35—which would prohibit burning on voluntary action days as well as mandatory action days—at a public hearing Dec. 11, or submit written comments online.
Salt Lake County Health Department Environmental Health Division, 788 E. Woodoak Lane, Murray, 385-468-4100, Dec. 11, 5-7 p.m.,

Raptor Watching Field Trip
Saturday, Dec. 13

The Great Salt Lake is much more than just a serene body of water separating Salt Lake City from the slot machines in Nevada: it's a bird's paradise. And winter is a great time to view the state's raptors. Join Hawk Watch for a free raptor-watching field trip along the Nature Conservancy's 4,400 acres of protected wetland.
Nature Conservancy's Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve, 41 S. 3200 West, Layton, 801-531-0999, Dec. 13, 9 a.m.,