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Suck It, 2016

Eight tired phrases to leave behind in 2016 (and their 2017 replacements):


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8. “Hot take” (use instead: “Brain shart”)
7. “Fam” and “Squad” (use instead: “Amalgamate” and “Reich”)
6. “Sorrynotsorry” (use instead: “SAD!”)
5. “Social Justice Warrior” (use instead: “Unshitty Citizen”)
4. “Woke” (use instead: “Beyoncéd”)
3. “YASS!” (use instead: “¡BUENO QUESO!”)
2. “Start slideshow” (use instead: “Just show me the whole list or I swear to Christ I’ll come to Brooklyn and burn that hipster cubicle farm to the ground!”)
1. “Climate change” (use instead: “Extinction 2.0”)



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