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Summer Guide 2009

Hot Stuff in Zion


It’s about time for the heat to find us. (The temps, people, not the fuzz.) And when things heat up, Salt Lakers are known to retreat to cool places to chill. For several years now, City Weekly has given “chilling” rather serious thought and created for you, the hot and the bothered, a guide to keeping your cool in the Salty City.

This year’s guide revisits a feature from 2008, a staff-written compendium of the problems (or pickles, as we’re calling them this year) summer can throw at us, followed by easy solutions. Dining critic Ted Scheffler, in “Food to Go,” gives tips to creating killer picnic baskets to earn you respect at any Red Butte Garden concert picnic showdown. But remember, you can eat from those baskets at places other than Red Butte: Wina Sturgeon, in her “There’s a Place for Us,” helps nudge you out of an alfresco-dining rut.

The cruel economy has many cashing in their unused plane tickets and staying home. Fear not, Geoff Griffin and Kathleen Curry can set you up with a plan for a local lounge-about. And if your means allow it, they’ve also included tips on how to make the most of an excursion to Sin City.

This summer’s music scene is hotter than ever. Not only do we get more than our fair share of class musical acts stopping by the SLC, but some of it is even free, free, free. To that end, Jon Paxton previews the mind-boggling lineup of the 2009 Twilight Concert Series.

We’ve also got Alain Viny’s drink recipes, oddly inspired by none other than Alex Trebek, and a mud slide of concert, theater and festival listings. There’s even a checklist of attractions and diversions for you to hand off to your visiting cousins and in-laws.

Enough coolness? If not, spray your face with water and run like the wind.

We Can Fix That
City Weekly staff

Food to Go
By Ted Scheffler

There’s a Place for Us
By Wina Sturgeon

Layin’ Low
By Kathleen Curry/Geoff Griffin

Ramble, Then Gamble: Las Vegas
By Kathleen Curry/Geoff Griffin

Play On: The Twilight Series
By Jon Paxton

Fairs & Festivals
Compiled by Hattie MacLeod & Becca Maksym

Potent Potables Drink Guide
By Alain Viny

Show Up Theater Listings
Compiled by Becca Maksym & Greg Wilcox

Summer Concerts ’09
Compiled by Jamie Gadette

Summer To-Do List