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Summer Guide 2012

All you need for summertime in Utah



Summer doesn’t officially kick off till June 20, but if you measure the summer season by its festivals, concerts and 90-degree days, it’s already in full swing. But don’t fret: There’s still plenty of time to squeeze the most enjoyment out of summertime in Utah.

In the following pages, we’ve picked more than 50 nearly free activities that’ll please fun-seekers who don’t want to see their hard-earned cash melt away in the sun. There are also tips for getting out of town and exploring Heber—the new resort town—and Las Vegas, which is constantly reinventing itself with new sinful activities. If you’d prefer stretching your brain over stretching the truth of what happened in Vegas, you can take classes on everything from screenwriting to beer & cheese pairings.

If you still want more to do, no problem—we’ve compiled listings of summer festivals, fairs, plays and concerts that’ll keep you busy from sunup to sundown. And here at there's even more, like alternative summer-party ideas—epic slip & slide, anyone?—and weird sports that you can learn to play even with a hangover from all that beer and cheese. Get to it:

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