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Summer is Coming

Our annual celebration of all things fun In the sun is here!

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  • Enrique Limón

What is Dead May Never Pie
From handheld to traditional, is there a better food than pie?
By Alex Springer

Whether you're spending your time is avoiding spoilers at the dinner table or warding off your twin's advances (too far?) there's no denying pie is the ultimate way of capping off a feast. Regardless if your taste is more Joffrey or Rat Cook, these best pies of Crusteros are sure to do the trick.

Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Pie ($3.79)
The time to get yourself a rich slice of buttermilk pie from Penny Ann's Café is now. This is a warm hug of wholesome goodness that mixes the best elements of pie with the best elements of sugar cookies. After fighting the Army of the Dead in low lighting, this is the kind of flavor combo that can make your head right again. Multiple locations,

Toll House Pie ($6.99)
Enter The Dodo's Toll House Pie. It's a warm, gooey hybrid of chocolate chip cookies and pecan pie, which are two of the most comforting resources that human beings have conceived. Snag one or two slices of this excellent dessert for cases of extreme long night duress. 1355 E. 2100 South, 801-486-2473,

Snack Crack Pie ($25.00)
Want to live like a Lannister? Then treat yourself to a Snack Crack pie from Heber's June Pie (they'll sometimes do pop-up shops in Salt Lake City, if the journey is too daunting). The treat's crust is made out of a sticky sweet Chex mix, and a combo of creamy fillings seals the deal. Hear your taste buds roar. 133 N. Main, Heber, 435-503-6950,

Cubano Meat Pie ($4.25)
Take a trip to Fillings & Emulsions before our eternal winter and munch on this savory hand-held pie. Not only will the flavor explosion of one of the finest sandwiches on the planet make you appreciate the culinary diversity that only immigrants can give us, but, as evidenced by his multicultural staff and stellar Latin American-inspired offerings, Chef Adalberto Díaz, pictured, is a true champion of diversity. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Walder Frey. 1475 S. Main, 385-229-4228,



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